Jose Lobo


 I strongly believe that if you are interested in international development policy, there is no better place to be than D.C. 

Why did you choose the McCourt School?

Before coming to Georgetown, I worked for the Federal Government in Mexico. When I was researching graduate schools and public policy programs, someone gave me very good advice - if you want to get not only the best education, but access major world leaders and institutions, you need to study public policy at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He was right.

I was also very interested in a program that could give me strong quantitative and analytical skills with emphasis in impact evaluation and evidence-based design and implementation of public policies. The new Masters in International Development Policy (MIDP) is exactly what I was looking for.

How has your experience at McCourt been so far?

It has been excellent! I am part of the first MIDP cohort, which is great. In addition to the regular classroom sessions, I get to meet and hear from development experts about their experiences almost every week, which gives me the opportunity to learn first-hand how development policies are being implemented around the world.

The coursework is challenging and being an international student whose native language is not English can make it harder. But my professors have been very accessible, and I’ve made many good friends which makes for an excellent collaborative learning environment. I love being a part of McCourt’s community of scholars and students.

Have you taken advantage of the McCourt School’s DC location? If so, how?

At Georgetown and around D.C., there are conferences, speakers, or research presentations in every policy field nearly every week. Not to mention all of the cultural offerings, like museums, and outdoor activities, like parks and trails. I wish I had more time to enjoy all that D.C. has to offer.

I strongly believe that if you are interested in international development policy, there is no better place to be than D.C., where the most important NGOs, think tanks and government agencies are located.

During my time in D.C., I have had the chance to meet a lot of people that are working in my field of interest. They have always been very accessible and open to talk to me as a McCourt School student; being a student in D.C. will definitely expand your network.

What do you hope to do with your McCourt School degree?

I want to design, implement, and evaluate public policies specifically related to violence and crime reduction in Latin America, one of the most turbulent regions in the world. My education at the McCourt School will help me make a difference.

What would you say about the McCourt School to a prospective student?

If you believe that public policy should be evidence-based, and you want to challenge some of your beliefs, this is the place for you. A McCourt School education will give you the set of quantitative and analytical skills that will enable you to be a real agent for change in your field.