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We strive to enroll a diverse student body and encourage applications from individuals with a wide variety of educational, cultural, and professional backgrounds. We seek students with the passion needed to solve society’s most complex challenges and we aim to provide them with the knowledge and skills to do so.

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Application Requirements

The Office of Admissions is here to help at every step of the application process. Find details about the materials and requirements necessary to apply for our McCourt programs.

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Application Deadlines

Learn about important admissions dates and deadlines for our McCourt programs.

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Tuition & Scholarships

A McCourt School education is an investment in your future. Learn more about McCourt’s tuition, scholarships, and other sources of financial assistance.

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Foundational Skill Set

Read about the core competencies that you will learn as a McCourt graduate student.

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Admissions Events

We are happy to meet with you in person on Georgetown’s campus or meet you virtually. We also may be traveling to a city near you this fall! We look forward to connecting with you.

McCourt Ambassadors

The best part of the MIDP program has been being academically challenged in a community of passionate and experienced professionals. Being challenged means that there is also a lot of active growth and it is exciting to see how much I have learned since the beginning of the program and how much I will continue learning.

I chose McCourt for its robust curriculum and its commitment to cultivating leaders who are not only skilled in policy analysis but also deeply aware of the societal impacts of their work. The school’s location in Washington D.C. offers unparalleled opportunities for engaging with influential policy makers and organizations.

The McCourt community’s focus on peer-to-peer learning and the commitment to building a diverse, inclusive, and supportive community stood out as a hallmark of the McCourt experience. In addition, being in the heart of where all of the political action is provides firsthand access to the dynamic landscape of policy formulation and implementation.

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Class Profile

Wondering who our McCourt students are and where they’re going? Learn more details about our students.

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International Applicants

Georgetown’s McCourt School welcomes applicants from all nations. We have listed some resources that may be helpful to international students throughout the application process.

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Admissions FAQ & Contact Us

You have questions. Georgetown’s McCourt School Admissions team has answers. Check out our frequently asked questions page for helpful information.

Commitment to Inclusion

Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy aspires to become the most inclusive public policy school in the nation. Inclusivity is a core value at McCourt because public policies are more effective when our political and policy decision makers reflect the perspectives and lived experience of the communities they serve, and being able to work across differences is a fundamental skill we seek to cultivate.