Mitsuru Yamashiro

Current position and employer: Director for International Strategy, International Affairs Department, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Hometown and current city: Tokyo, Japan

Why did you choose McCourt? Attending the McCourt School provides unmatched management and analytical skills. With the broad curriculum, we can gain important knowledge and experience in decision-making, ethics, leadership, and other areas necessary for successful policy management. Furthermore, the MPM program attracts students from throughout the U.S. and around the world who come from both public and private organizations. This diverse network will be helpful for our future international careers.

What was the best part of your experience? All the classes are very practical, and various policies and cases are introduced in each class. Students actively discuss and analyze actual policy issues, as well as write policy memos as assignments. McCourt faculty have a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds. Their real-world experience always enriches the classes. In addition, there are plenty of lecture opportunities by world leaders and practitioners. The McCourt School is at the front-line of public policy.

Student organization involvement while at McCourt: I sometimes joined Japanese Language Table and enjoyed conversation both in English and Japanese. I also enjoyed free movies almost every Friday/Saturday night thanks to Georgetown Program Board.

Undergraduate university, degree, and major: Keio University, Bachelor of Laws

Hobbies / Interests: Sports. As a big sport fan, I’ve been enjoying the privilege to be at Georgetown University by watching both professional and college sports. Hoya Saxa!!