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The McCourt School and the Department of Government offer a dual MPP/PhD in Government through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Students are able to combine their applied interests and training in public policy with broader exposure to political theory and institutions offered through the doctoral program. The degree is designed to attract motivated students interested in both politics and policy who desire to pursue positions for applied research, teaching, or evaluation and consulting in universities, nonprofit, business or government organizations.

Students interested in applying to the MPP/PhD in Government Program are preferred to complete and submit both the MPP and Government applications to the respective programs simultaneously but have the option to apply in the first year of their MPP. For more information on the PhD in Government, please contact the Department of Government.

The dual degree consists of 69-credit hours total and involves approximately six semesters to complete required coursework. Applicants may apply to both programs at their initial point of application at Georgetown, or they may apply to the Department of Government during their first year of studies at the McCourt School. Depending on a student’s specific professional and academic goals, the course sequence is developed in consultation with his/her academic advisers in both departments. Required MPP coursework includes:

  • PPOL 501, Statistics for Policy Analysis
  • PPOL 502, Regression Methods for Policy Analysis
  • PPOL 503, Advanced Regression and Program Evaluation Methods
  • PPOL 506, Intermediate Microeconomics 
  • PPOL 507, Microeconomics II
  • PPOL 510/511, Public Policy Process/Comparative Policy Process
  • PPOL 514/515, Public Management/Comparative Public Management
  • PPOL 518, Ethics, Values and Public Policy
  • PPOL 526/528, Policy Analysis Capstone I/Thesis Workshop I
  • PPOL 527/529, Policy Analysis Capstone II/Thesis Workshop II
  • PPOL electives (18 credits)

Up to 27 MPP credits also count towards the PhD In addition to MPP coursework, students must satisfy additional course requirements established by the Government Department, pass comprehensive examinations and complete a doctoral dissertation.