The McCourt School Curriculum Innovation Committee is reviewing and updating the core curricula of our masters programs. Over the last three years, the Committee surveyed employers and alumni, and benchmarked the curricula at other policy schools, and worked with faculty, staff and students to make our programs even stronger. 

Ten Core Competencies Anchor

Ten Core Competencies

In consultation with McCourt’s faculty, the Committee developed ten core competencies that all McCourt students will develop, including collaboration, critical thinking, ethical leadership and management, and engaging with bias. These “power skills,” a critical component of the rigorous skill set provided by our master’s programs including a grounding in economics, quantitative methods, management, politics and data analytics, set our graduates apart from their peers on day one of their career.

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McCourt Foundations Anchor

McCourt Foundations

In the summer of 2020, the School, led by the Committee, launched McCourt Foundations, a new experiential learning program for students which offers training and insight to build leadership skills and foster an inclusive school community. A critical element to the program are the McCourt Leadership Fellows, returning McCourt students who serve in mentor-like roles for incoming students. The Fellows help facilitate and moderate conversations with new students while sharing tips and information on ways to navigate graduate school. Armed with these new equity-centered skills, our Leadership Fellows are already having an impact.

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New Faculty Members Anchor

New Faculty Members

In the fall of 2023, the McCourt School welcomed 9 new faculty members, bringing unique expertise in computational social science, comparative politics, criminology, macroeconomics, public management and public health.

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