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Title: 2020 McCourt Leadership Fellows

The McCourt Leadership Fellows program helps students hone leadership skills while also mentoring incoming students during new student orientation. Fellows strengthen their abilities in self-reflection and participate in trainings focused on the core goals of the Foundations program that enhance coaching and community building skills.

This year, McCourt announced its inaugural Leadership Fellows class:

  • Andrea Arciniegas (MPP’21)
  • Kelly Chen (MPP’21)
  • Breah Dean (MPP’21)
  • Adeline DeYoung (MPP’21)
  • Yanqi Ding (MPP’21)
  • Nick Fernández (MPP’21)
  • Billy Gorman (MPP’21)
  • Kei Helm (MPP’21)
  • Veronica Hoyer (MPP/MSFS’21)
  • Kara Kilpatrick (MPP’21)
  • Kunaal Kini (MPP’21)
  • Andrea Lau (MPP’21)
  • Cherizza Lundy (MPM’22)
  • Anna Memoli (MPP’21)
  • Ebelechukwu Monye (MIDP’21)
  • Vincent Morin (MPP’21)
  • Alexandra Oderman (MPP/MBA’22)
  • Keisuke Ozeki (MPP’21)
  • Shwetha Parvathy (MPP’21)
  • Jennie Patterson (MPP’21)
  • Julia Poirier (MPM’22)
  • Diksha Ramesh (MPP’21)
  • Tim Szarnicki (MPM’21)
  • Lily Tromblay (MPP’21)
  • Stephen Vadovsky (MPP’21)
  • Mariana Vazquez del Mercado Castro (MPM’21)

Congratulations and thank you to the 26 Fellows who dedicated their time and talent to support incoming students as they begin their academic journey at McCourt!

Hoya Saxa!