Category: Centering Inclusion, Discovery & Impact, Student Experience

Title: Building a Strong Foundation for a McCourt Education

Leadership Fellows

A critical element to the program included the 2020 McCourt Leadership Fellows, 26 returning McCourt students that served in mentor-like roles for incoming students. The Fellows helped facilitate and moderate conversations with new students while sharing tips and information on ways to navigate graduate school. In preparation for the Foundations program, the Fellows participated in intensive training over the summer to learn various coaching and leadership skills, which also helped build professional development skills.

“Community is integral to the McCourt experience, especially being virtual, and I think we were able to provide a glimpse into the McCourt community through Foundations,” said Shwetha Parvathy (MPP’21), a Leadership Fellow. “The team of incoming students I worked closely with now have a WhatsApp group to stay connected and are planning socially distanced activities they can do together.”

Photo of trees on GU campus during the Fall

The transition to graduate school, whether full-time or part-time, is undoubtedly a delicate balance––perhaps even more so this academic year––which is why it is important to enter into the new school year grounded on a strong foundation. A big thank you to all the Leadership Fellows, staff, and faculty who helped make the Foundations program a success, and welcome to all of the new McCourt students!

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