McCourt students often complement their classroom learning and enrich their educational experience by participating in student organizations and other engagement opportunities that align with their passions, culture or career goals.

McCourt students participate in discussion groups with Fellows from the Institute of Politics and Public Service, discussing current events and tackling political challenges under the guidance of some of the top names in politics, government, and media.

They engage in policy research and on issues of institutional trust through the programming of the Baker Center for Leadership & Governance.

Each year McCourt students serve as research, teaching, and graduate assistants, working closely with our world-renowned faculty members to offer practical solutions to pressing policy problems. They engage with the McCourt School's affiliated centers, regularly working with experts in health policy, social policy, international development, and others.

McCourt students are active members of the Georgetown campus,​ ​volunteering with the Center for Social Justice, serving on the​ ​Graduate Student Government, and participating in various campus organizations. Students are members of the Georgetown University​ ​Student Veterans Association, as many McCourt students are members of​ ​the military.

Many students also participate in one of our exchange programs, spending part of their program abroad in Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, and other locations. McCourt students also organize international travel opportunities to learn more about the political process abroad, including recent trips to Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

McCourt Policy in Practice participants

McCourt Policy in Practice

McCourt Policy in Practice provides students an opportunity to partner with local communities and nonprofit organizations in developing countries to use rigorous policy tools in designing, implementing, and evaluating sustainable, evidence-based development projects.

Learn more about MPiP

Policy Innovation participants

Policy Innovation Lab

The Policy Innovation Lab convenes the talents of students, professors, researchers, community leaders to tackle urgent and emerging issues at the forefront of policy discussion and debate in the DC area, and to develop pioneering and forward-thinking solutions.

Visit the Policy Lab

Policy Challenge participants

Policy Challenge

McCourt students are tasked with developing policy solutions for local issues in the Georgetown Public Policy Challenge, with the winning team competing at the National Invitation Public Policy Challenge hosted by the University of Pennsylvania's Fels Institute of Government. 

2016 Finalists

Start Changing the World Today at the McCourt School

Georgetown Public Policy Student Association

GPPSA group photo

The Georgetown Public Policy Student Association (GPPSA) serves as the student government at the McCourt School of Public Policy. GPPSA works to facilitate communication and collaboration among students, administrators, and faculty as well as to enhance the academic, social, and professional experiences of McCourt students.

Throughout the year, GPPSA provides support to student groups and promotes ingenuity and engagement by funding student-driven initiatives that extend graduate learning beyond the classroom. GPPSA-sponsored programming ranges from speaker series on cutting edge policy issues, policy debates, skills workshops, and brown bag lunches with faculty to sightseeing tours of D.C., community service projects, and networking happy hours with alumni. GPPSA also builds community at McCourt by hosting social and diversity events including an international potluck and cultural festival, trivia nights, election watch parties, student-faculty holiday mixers, and the annual end-of-year student gala and graduation dinner.

To ensure that student feedback is incorporated into every aspect of student life, GPPSA holds State of the McCourt School forums with administrators and encourages student participation in opinion surveys on the McCourt experience. GPPSA maintains a website for student information, including event calendars and resource guides, as well as social media accounts tracking school news.

Georgetown Public Policy Review

GPPR group photo

The Georgetown Public Policy Review (GPPReview) is a nonpartisan, student-run media organization. GPPReview’s mission is to provide an outlet for innovative new thinkers and established policymakers to offer perspectives on the politics and policies that shape our nation and our world. Approximately 50 dedicated staff members work to produce and promote a print publication, The Georgetown Public Policy Review as well as an online blog, GPPReview Online, to achieve this mission.

  • Print Publications: The Georgetown Public Policy Review is a peer reviewed, academic journal. The Review focuses each issue around a theme addressed with relevant articles and high-profile interviews that contribute to the thoughtful discourse of public policy.
  • Online Publications: GPPReview Online is a blog offering substantive, timely policy analysis and diverse perspectives on current issues. GPPReview Online sheds new light on important subjects that often miss the attention of the media, thus serving as a valuable resource for students, faculty, practitioners and journalists.
  • Policy Forums: GPPReview hosts policy forums designed to bring policymakers and students together in conversation. The forums’ purpose is to provide a venue for policymakers to showcase research and share opinions and for students to be exposed to the wealth of policy expertise housed in Washington, D.C.
  • Social Events: Each year, GPPReview hosts several social events to raise money for the organization’s operational expenses.
  • Georgetown Public Policy Review Facebook page
  • Georgetown Public Policy Review on Twitter: @gppolicyreview

The Latin American Policy Association

LAPA group photo

The Latin American Policy Association (LAPA) was developed in the Spring of 2015. LAPA’s mission is to promote the discussion, debate and analysis of policies and political issues relevant for the Latin American region. The Latin American Policy Association seeks to disseminate knowledge and awareness about Latin American issues and policies among the McCourt School community, in addition to advancing the interests of Latin American students in the McCourt School and in the larger Georgetown community.


Public Policy OUT 

Public Policy Out group photo

Public Policy OUT is the McCourt School's LGBTQ policy issue group whose vision is to provide a visible and public forum within the student body for discussion of LGBTQ issues. This includes both national and local policy issues, as well as issues facing LGBTQ individuals working in policy-focused careers. The group focuses specifically on education, networking, outreach, and awareness.

Women in Public Policy Initiative

WPPI group photo

The Women in Public Policy Initiative (WPPI) is dedicated to developing exceptional female leaders in public policy and increasing awareness of issues that disproportionately affect women and girls through strategic partnerships, service, and advocacy. As an organization, we strive to increase the visibility of women in the policy arena both inside and outside of the immediate Georgetown University community. We seek to provide an inclusive forum for McCourt students interested in issues pertaining to women in politics and public policy, to support the professional development and skills of female students, and to connect current students with alumni and professionals in the field. During the academic year, we host a number of events including speaker series, networking events, and policy discussions. We also hold bi-weekly meetings and have an email listserv to advertise local events and to send out "Women in the News," our weekly news blast. Membership is open to all interested McCourt School students regardless of gender, political affiliation, race, or sexual orientation.

Consulting Club

The mission of the Consulting Club is to provide greater opportunities for students to pursue a career in consulting. Goals include greater networking, better understanding of the consulting profession, and job and internship opportunities for students in conjunction with the McCourt School and Graduate School career services.

To achieve these goals, the Consulting Club will facilitate activities including networking events with alumni and industry connections, employer panel and information sessions, resume and industry-specific job search workshops, case-interview workshop, and informational visits to local consulting firms.


EduWonks group photo

EduWonks is Georgetown's premier education policy student organization. EduWonks facilitates policy dialogue, professional growth experiences, and interdisciplinary collaboration through our speaker events, policy chats, and service initiatives in the DC community. Last year's notable events included Kaya Henderson, Chancellor of DC Public Schools, and a yearlong policy thesis mentoring program with Cesar Chavez PCS.

EduWonks meets in person twice per month and welcomes all McCourt students to apply for roles. In the coming years EduWonks plans to diversify their speaker series, increase the reach and impact of their service initiatives, and create a comprehensive database of recommended internships and alumni contacts in the education sector.

McCourt School Policy Conference

McCourt Policy Conference group photo

Each year, McCourt students work together to plan an annual public policy conference. The event brings distinguished academics and policymakers to Washington, D.C. to discuss the most pressing and complex social issues of the day. This day-long event also provides a unique opportunity for current policy experts to address and hear from the next generation of policy professionals. The McCourt School Policy Conference attracts speakers and a diverse audience from the nation's top policy schools, non-profit and government organizations, in addition to members of the Georgetown and Washington, D.C. policy communities.

East Asian Policy Association

EAPA group photo

East Asian Policy Association (EAPA) aims to create a platform engaging McCourt students in discussions related to East Asian policies and political issues. We also strive to provide career development opportunities for students pursuing a career in East Asian policies.

EAPA hosts many events throughout the year exploring topics related to East Asian region. This has included panels on US-China Business and Policy challenges, the Taiwan Presidential Election, and East Asia’s role in COP21 Paris Climate Conference. EAPA also hosts movie nights, networking events, and cultural events celebrating East Asian cultures.


South Asian Policy and Research Initiative

SAPRI event photo

The South Asian Policy and Research Initiative (SAPRI) is a student-led initiative dedicated to raising awareness on the critical development challenges facing economies in South Asia and promoting evidence-based policies in the region. By engaging with policymakers, researchers, development practitioners, and other policy experts, SAPRI will also strive to be a resource for all students interested in exploring relevant research and employment opportunities relating to South Asian economic development.



McCourt Energy & Environment

Energy and environmental concerns are among the most important challenges facing policy makers today. Federal, state, and local lawmakers will all face policy choices related to climate change in the coming years. These may include how to: ensure coastal cities are resilient in the face of rising sea levels and storm surge, address reduced water supply in agriculture, find new sources of power that ensure an operational electric grid during natural disasters, increase energy efficiency in industrial, commercial, and residential sectors, address public health concerns by improving air and water quality, secure a sustainable food supply for growing populations, and much more.

McCourt Policy in Practice (MPiP)

McCourt Policy in Practice, Dominican Republic. McCourt Policy in Practice (formerly known as Project Honduras) is the McCourt School's sustainable development project providing students with the unique opportunity to apply public policy skills learned in the classroom to an underserved community in the Dominican Republic (formerly in Honduras).


McCourt School ​students are dynamic, diverse and engaged. ​Meet a few of them here.

Jamie Obal

Jamie Obal (MPP '15)

During her time at the McCourt School, Jamie interned at the State Department, the White House Domestic Policy Council, and the Senate Health Education Labor & Pension Committee.

Watch Jamie's Video



Ben Chun

Ben Chun (MIDP '15)

From the Hilltop to the halls of the World Bank, see how McCourt student Ben Chun experienced the McCourt Advantage.

Watch Ben's Video



Alex Covington

Alex Covington (MPM '16)

While working full-time at the State Department, Alex earned his MPM degree attending McCourt part-time.

Watch Alex's Video



Andrew Kitchel

Andrew Kitchel (MPP '17)

"One great thing to take advantage of in DC is the opportunity for jobs and internships in a variety of different types of organizations in the private and public sector."

View Andrew's Profile »

Cristina Martínez Pinto

Cristina Martínez Pinto (MPP '17)

"You will get to know yourself better, gain valuable skills and have fun in the process of doing so."

View Cristina's Profile »


Galia Rabchinsky

Galia Rabchinsky (MIDP '17)

"McCourt has provided me with the quantitative and soft skills to be a professional in the development field."

View Galia's Profile »

Anushree Banerjee

Anushree Banerjee (MPP '17)

"The quantitative rigor, the opportunities in DC, and the great environment are hard to match at other programs."

View Anushree's Profile »


Laqiqige Zhu

Laqiqige Zhu (MPP '17)

"McCourt is a very international program, where you can meet students all over the world."

View Laqiqige's Profile »

Leeann Comfort

Leeann Comfort (MPP '15)

"This program is challenging, but I don’t think that we would have it any other way."

View Leeann's Profile »


Lam Bui

Lam Bui (MPP '14)

"Leaving a good job to come back to school was a tough decision for me."

View Lam's Profile »

Kristina Rosinsky

Kristina Rosinsky (MPP '14)

"As an evening program student, I am able to apply the concepts discussed in class immediately in my work."

View Kristina's Profile »


Jose Lobo

Jose Lobo (MIDP '14)

"The coursework is challenging and being an international student whose native language is not English can make it harder. But my professors have been very accessible..."

View Jose's Profile »

Elena Martinez

Elena Martinez (MPM '14)

"Because of its location in the political capital of the world, Washington DC, Georgetown stands out..."

View Elena's Profile »


Etai Mizrav

Etai Mizrav (MPP '14)

"Coming to the McCourt School was one of the best decisions I have ever made."

View Etai's Profile »

Zachary Epstein

Zachary Epstein (MPP '13)

"The McCourt School’s emphasis on a strong quantitative and analytical approach to the study of public policy immediately set it apart..."

View Zachary's Profile »


William Chen

William Chen (MPP '12)

"My degree from Georgetown was critical to my successfully making the transition between very different fields."

View William's Profile »

Anne Hyslop

Anne Hyslop (MPM '11)

"My degree has proved to be enormously useful. I not only gained knowledge and research skills, but also a way of thinking about and approaching policy that guides my work on a daily basis."

View Anne's Profile »





The mission of the Office of Career Development and Alumni Engagement, through its partnerships with employers, alumni, students and other Georgetown University constituents, is to create and foster a community of collaborative learning designed to advance the career development process. We seek to empower students (through robust programming and skill-building) with the tools that are critical to making effective customized career choices based on accurate self-appraisals and a deep understanding of how to leverage their public policy education, skills and experiences to achieve life-long career success. Additionally, the Office of Career Development and Alumni Engagement seeks to encourage and increase life-long alumni pride, participation and service by connecting alumni to one another and to the McCourt School through meaningful communication, programs, and events.

McCourt Connects! is a password-protected database of current jobs and internships in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. New opportunities are added daily, so check back regularly.(Login requires Georgetown NetID and password).

Hoya Gateway is a Georgetown University program that directly links students and alumni to help them develop and nurture lasting networking relationships. It facilitates one-on-one career-related conversations, where students can practice interviewing, have resumes reviewed, conduct informational interviews, and broaden their network. Learn more about Hoya Gateway.


The McCourt School has a variety of student organizations and events that enrich student life. Students can take on leadership roles through numerous opportunities provided by these organizations, including planning the annual conference, editing the review journal or blog, organizing a speaker discussion through one of the policy interest groups, or contributing to student life through the student association.


Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

McCourt School Admissions Ambassadors help us to bring the McCourt experience to life for prospective students.

Eugene, Oregon. Zurich, Switzerland. Boston, Massachusetts. McCourt School Admissions Ambassadors come to Georgetown's Hilltop campus from locations across the country and around the world because they share one goal: learning the tools they need to change the world.

These select students have a wide-variety of policy and political interest areas, so you can get to know how the McCourt School is helping them achieve career goals similar to your own.

Email them directly- they are waiting to hear from you! Or contact our admissions office at


Mutiara Alam Addini

Mutiara Alam Addini (MIDP)

Mutiara Alam Addini is a graduate student of Master of International Development Policy at McCourt. She is currently working as Summer Fellow at the Causal Design Cambodia office on the implementation of an impact evaluation of social capital and Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) project and agricultural project. Coming from Indonesia, her research and work experience has been in economic development, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and Southeast Asia. She holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Indonesia.



Fernando Castro-Alvarez

Fernando Castro-Alvarez (MPP)

Fernando Castro-Alvarez is in the MPP program at McCourt, focusing on energy and environment. In the coming months, he will be an EDF Climate Corps Fellow, working with the government of Puerto Rico to improve the energy efficiency of the second largest public housing portfolio in the United States. ncy of the second largest public housing portfolio in the United States.



Anupama Dathan

Anupama Dathan (MPP)

Anupama Dathan is working with the Georgetown University Initiative on Innovation, Development, and Evaluation (Gui2de) in Nairobi, Kenya, developing a digital financial inclusion program evaluation. She is a rising second MPP, originally from Minnesota, though she has lived in DC for the last several years.



Carrie Vergel de Dios

Carrie Vergel de Dios (MIDP)

Carrie Vergel de Dios is from Springfield, Virginia, pursuing a Master’s in International Development Policy. This summer she is interning for Georgetown University’s Initiative on Innovation, Development, and Evaluation (Gui2de), working on a road safety project in Kampala, Uganda.



Alex Covington

Hall Wang (MPP/MBA)

Hall Wang is pursuing the MPP/MBA Dual Degree Program and interning in Boeing’s Government Operations department this summer. At Boeing, he support’s company executives by helping them understand how current and proposed policy impacts their business models as America’s largest exporters and the world’s premier aerospace company. Hall is from Charlotte, North Carolina.