• New Plan Targets $560 Billion of Health Care Savings

    Rivlin, Daschle and the other study authors clearly see Medicare Networks as the wave of the future and predicted that many seniors and health care providers would gravitate to the new program to take advantage of the financial incentives and improved quality of care. “We would offer Medicare beneficiaries three choices but nudge them…in the direction of choosing value and coordination over quantity and fragmentation,” Rivlin said.

  • Bipartisan Policy Center urges payment reform toward patient-centered care

    Fee-for-service and the fragmentation of healthcare delivery fail to encourage quality, value and coordination,” said Rivlin, senior fellow in the Economic Studies Program at Brookings, and a visiting professor at Georgetown University’s Public Policy Institute.

  • Health care costs can make you sick in retirement

    In 2010, national health care spending averaged $8,402 per person. That's 72 percent higher than 10 years earlier, when it was $4,878, and nearly three times the 1990 level of $2,854, according to a study by the AARP Public Policy Institute and Georgetown University.

  • Job-seeking teens might get a break this summer

    Teenagers looking to make some money this summer could have an easier time finding a job than in recent years, if the economic momentum of the last few months holds up.

  • Will the GOP block background checks?

    Is Congress on the verge of turning away from the lessons of the slaughter in Newtown even as Connecticut enacts sweeping laws to curb gun violence? Is the gun lobby hellbent on aligning our country with such great friends of liberty as Iran, North Korea and Syria by opposing efforts to condition international gun sales on the human rights records of buyers?

  • Insurers see way to dodge federal healthcare law next y ear

    "This could undermine the Affordable Care Act, and it opens the door for exacerbating potential rate shock in the exchanges," said Christine Monahan, a senior analyst at Georgetown University's Health Policy Institute. "The health insurers can cherry-pick some healthy people and it raises prices for everyone else."

  • Ready or Not: States and Insurers Brace for Obamacare

    "The Feds are saying they're on track and the system is being tested, and they're working out the kinks," said Sabrina Corlette, research professor at the Health Policy Institute at Georgetown University. Still, she added, "There's a pretty steep uphill climb yet, before October 1, 2013."

  • Hope's opening day

    The obligations of religious toleration and pluralism require all who care not a bit about baseball to accept that opening day is more than the beginning of a sports season. It is a great religious festival.

  • 3 Strategies for Managing the Skyrocketing Cost of College

    Getting an education beyond high school is your key to security and stability; if you play it smart, you can keep it affordable too.

  • US Faces Hard Challenge of Fiscal Discipline Without Austerity

    The difficulty of the United States' fiscal predicament was on full display several weeks ago during a hearing on budget policy held by Congress's Joint Economic Committee.