Message from the Program Director

Dr. Michael Bailey — Faculty Director, Master of Science in Data Science for Public Policy

It’s not a secret: careers in data science are exploding. But not just in the private sector. Careers in data science to improve public policy decision making in the public and nonprofit sectors are in high demand as well.

McCourt’s Data Science for Public Policy program is distinguished by two core principles. First, we believe that the most effective data scientists have a passion for and knowledge of the field in which they use data science. Data science is not simply about computer algorithms, but it is fundamentally about problem solving. And to solve problems, we need to understand – and care about – the problems. That is why our curriculum is targeted toward students who care about public policy and want to merge cutting edge computing and statistical techniques with making a difference in society.

Second, we believe that Georgetown University and Washington, D.C. is a very special place for this kind of study. An intense interest in public affairs animates Georgetown. And no place in the world offers as many opportunities to meet policy makers, and take advantage of internships and careers with organizations doing cutting-edge and important work in public policy.

Data Science for Public Policy students at the McCourt School live and study at the intersection of two streams of intellectual development. In the data science field, students get the statistics and data science skills that organizations hunger for; in the public policy field, students get core classes with McCourt’s high caliber public policy faculty.

We are excited to help our students enter this emerging and critically important field. Have more questions about McCourt’s Data Science for Public Policy Program? Email me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Hoya Saxa,

Michael Bailey
Faculty Director, Master of Science in Data Science for Public Policy
McCourt School of Public Policy
Walsh Professor
Department of Government
Georgetown University