MIDP students are required to spend at least half of their summer in a program-relevant professional placement.

Students work with faculty support to identify a position that fits their interests and offers an opportunity to apply MIDP analytical methods to real world problems. Some students find paid positions, but the MIDP program has resources available to enable students to accept excellent unpaid opportunities abroad and in the DC area.

Most MIDP students work in developing countries, and many find positions working on rigorous impact evaluations in the field. Take a look at the list of recent placements!

Summer Placement Stories Anchor

Summer Placement Stories

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Saahil Karpe (MIDP ’15)

World Bank-funded project

In the summer between his first and second year, Saahil interned on a World Bank-funded project aimed at evaluating the effect of incentives for teachers on learning outcomes for students in middle schools in Rwanda.

Saahil Karpe

Emily Deer Rasheed (MIDP ‘15)

Observatorio de Cooperación Internacional

During Summer 2014, Emily served as an Aid Data Management Fellow at the Instituto Mora’s Observatorio de Cooperación Internacional (Observatory of Foreign Assistance) in Mexico City.

Emily Deer Rasheed
Download PDF List of Recent Placements Anchor

Download PDF List of Recent Placements

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