George E. Richmond Foundation Fellowship

The McCourt School of Public Policy is pleased to invite applicants for the 2024-2025 George E. Richmond Foundation Fellowship. The Fellowship will provide selected students enrolled in McCourt School graduate programs (MPP, MPM, MIDP and MS-DSPP) in the academic year 2024-25, with opportunities to deepen their understanding of oral health’s role in comprehensive health care, and to facilitate change through policy improvements. 

Fellows receive a partial-tuition scholarship (up to $35,000) and a paid research assistantship to work with select McCourt School faculty and affiliated research centers, on projects related to health care and access, and are expected to participate in special briefings, discussions and mentorship from oral health experts, totaling approximately 10 hours over the course of the school year.

Once awarded, Fellows will be matched to a Research Assistantship based on their alignment with the research team’s needs, position duties and skillset. Read more about the current cohort of fellows here.

About the George E. Richmond Foundation

Established in 2006, the George E. Richmond Foundation is a privately funded not-for-profit focused on advancing the connection between oral and overall health through science, economics and policy. For more, please visit:


Interested applicants should submit a brief application here by February 21, 2024, for consideration for the 2024-25 fellowship cohort. Applicants are asked to describe their interest in health policy, particularly improving access to care and addressing the systemic health consequences of poor oral health, and how they intend to use their McCourt School education, including this Fellowship, to advance that interest.


Skills Requirements

Depending on the specific Research Assistantship, Fellows will support the faculty or research teams on a range of projects related to analyzing and improving health care, access, and/or insurance through state and federal policy innovation. Necessary skills include: