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Immigrant Research

Carnegie Renews Classification of Georgetown as ‘Very High Research University’

February 26, 2019

Georgetown has once again been classified by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education as an institution with “very high research activity.” A large set of research centers of the McCourt School of Public Policy informs the nation about significant policy issues.

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McCourt Research News Items

  • Portrait of Alex Engler
    McCourt Alum Demonstrates What Data Science Can Do for Public Policy

    Since graduating from the McCourt School of Public Policy, Alex Engler, MPP ’13, has made it his mission to improve policy and governance through the use of data science.

  • Photo of Sheila Foster
    Sheila Foster Installed as the Scott K. Ginsburg Professor of Urban Law and Policy

    Foster, who has a joint appointment in the McCourt School of Public Policy and the Georgetown Law Center, is an expert in the areas of property, land use, environmental justice and local government law.

  • A housing block
    Shedding New Light on Urban Eviction

    As eviction gains national attention, McCourt assistant professor Eva Rosen’s research is shedding light on the little-known landscape of eviction in Washington, D.C., and the consequences for those caught in the process.

  • Venezuelan Refugees
    A Legal Lifesaver for Venezuelan Refugees

    Political and social unrest has forced millions of Venezuelans to flee their country, often by traveling through Colombia to Ecuador. Many are stuck at the border because they have no money, no visa and no way to reach out for help. Using the tools she learned at McCourt and a grant from the Gates Foundation, Andrea Vargas (MPP'19) launched a pro-bono impact investing project to help Venezuelan refugees secure fast-tracked visas.

  • Doctor listens to child's heartbeat.
    Tracking Children’s Health Insurance Coverage

    Kids and teens are quietly losing their health insurance at unprecedented rates across America. Sounding the alarm: McCourt’s Center for Children and Families, with recent headline-grabbing reports that reveal disturbing declines at the state and national level.

  • Brittany Heyd with cofounder Meli James
    Alum Devotes Her Policy Acumen to Hawaiian Entrepreneurs

    Brittany Heyd (JD/MPP ‘13) was on the fast track for a high-powered law firm job when the lure of the startup world pulled her in another direction. For the past two years, Heyd has run Mana Up, a startup that fosters economic development in Hawaii by promoting local products and services.

  • Large Baltimore Oriole sitting on tree branch
    Ecological Crisis: U.S., Canada Lost One in Four Birds in the Past 50 Years

    Nearly 3 billion birds have disappeared from the United States and Canada since 1970, according to a study published today in Science, co-authored by Georgetown Environment Initiative (GEI) director Peter Marra.

  • CHIR logo
    CHIR Announces New Resource for Policymakers on Surprise Medical Bills

    Surprise medical bills result in financial hardship for millions of Americans and top the list of health care costs that Americans are afraid they will not be able to afford. McCourt's Center on Health Insurance Reforms has launched a new project to provide unbiased and comprehensive information on the issue of surprise medical bills.

  • Woman assists child.
    Research Aims to Disrupt Traditional Thinking Around Development Funding

    When it comes to development funding, would populations in need be better off if aid practitioners simply got out of the way and distributed aid in cash rather than in complex and bundled programs? McCourt Assistant Professor Andrew Zeitlin designed a study to compare the effects of the two approaches.

  •  Peter Nouhan (MPP ’19) and high school students discussing tax prep whilst viewing a laptop screen
    McCourt Student Launched Free Tax Prep Service Led by D.C. High School Students

    Seeing an opportunity to help D.C. taxpayers, Peter Nouhan (MPP ’19) founded a program to train Washington, D.C., high school students to facilitate free tax preparation for low- and middle-income workers, many of whom miss out on thousands of dollars in unclaimed tax credits every year.

  • Dr. Adriana Kugler
    Kugler Appointed to National Academies STEP Board

    Adriana Kugler, professor at the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University, has been appointed to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine’s Board on Science, Technology and Economic Policy. In this role, Kugler will contribute her wide-ranging expertise in economic and labor policy to further economic prosperity for all Americans by advising federal, state and local governments about cutting-edge policy solutions.

  • How to Increase Women's Participation in STEM?
    Early Exposure to Technology Courses Can Increase Women’s Participation

    Could greater exposure to technology courses early on in the college experience encourage more women to enroll in these types of classes? That’s the question McCourt School of Public Policy Assistant Professor NaLette Brodnax set out to answer in a recent study she conducted using a specially designed intervention to help make the decision-making process around taking a technology class a little bit easier for first-year students.

  • capitol
    Biden, Klobuchar rank highest among Presidential candidates in New Bipartisan Index Rankings of U.S. Senators

    The Lugar Center and the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University today jointly released updated lifetime Bipartisan Index rankings of U.S. Senators who have served since 1993. The non-partisan tool measures the degree to which Senators work across party lines.

  • Teacher Mindsets: How Educators Perspectives Shape Student Success
    Teacher Mindsets: How Educators Perspectives Shape Student Success

    A growing body of research shows that strong relationships with teachers & other adults are critical to academic success, especially for at-risk students. A new report from McCourt's FutureEd research center details efforts to improve teacher mindsets.

  • Baltimore's Lafayette Street
    Researching Poverty and American Housing with Big Data

    Eva Rosen, an Assistant Professor at Georgetown’s McCourt School of Public Policy, is using her MDI Seed Grant to further her research in poverty and American housing policy.

  • Image of two young boys sitting on a rural hillside with laptops
    Fixing the Digital Divide Focus of International Conference at Georgetown

    Leaders of Georgetown’s recently-announced Initiative on Technology and Society host prominent international research, policy and practice thought-leaders on the subject of the digital divide.

  • Tricia Brooks
    CCF's Tricia Brooks Appointed to MACPAC

    The McCourt School of Public Policy congratulates the Center for Children and Families (CCF) Senior Fellow Tricia Brooks on her appointment to the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC).

  • Jonathan Ladd introducing panel discussion
    Data Blending: Tackling the Obstacles

    Last month, the Massive Data Institute (MDI) organized a two-part panel discussion on “Data Blending: Tackling the Obstacles” in the Bioethics Research Library.

  • Images of currencies
    Poor in Rural India Prefer Public Health Services to Cash Transfers

    A study by two Georgetown professors and a World Bank senior economist shows that residents of rural Bihar, India, prefer public health services and infrastructure improvements to direct cash transfers.

  • capitol
    The Lugar Center and McCourt School Unveil Bipartisan Index Rankings for 115th Congress

    The Lugar Center and the McCourt School today jointly released their new Bipartisan Index rankings of members of Congress, completing the picture of the 115th Congress (2017-2018). The non-partisan tool measures the degree to which Senators and Representatives work across party lines.

  • Illustration with zeros and ones and dots crossing a screen with stretched out globe
    Technology for Public Good, Reducing Harm Aim of New University Network

    Georgetown’s leadership in the emerging field of public interest technology and prime location in Washington, DC, has led it to co-found a network that will boost the field through scholarship, new courses, research collaborations and more.

  • MDI's Laila Wahedi
    MDI’s Laila Wahedi Wins Data Challenge on Russian Trolls

    Dr. Laila Wahedi, MDI’s Postdoc Fellow, won an award for her work on Russian trolls at the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) North American Social Network (NASN) Conference held in Washington, DC on November 27-30.

  • View of Seattle, Washington - Featuring The Space Needle, an observation tower & landmark of the Pacific Northwest
    Using Big Data to Enhance Local Democracy

    Brian J. McCabe, an Associate Professor in Georgetown’s Department of Sociology, partnered with Jennifer Heerwig, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Stony Brook University, is using his MDI Seed Grant to conduct research on an innovative new campaign finance program - the Democracy Voucher program - in Seattle, Washington.

  • pod of bottlenose dolphins in the Potomac River
    Somefin in the Water: The Bottlenose Dolphins of the Potomac

    MDI Seed Grant Spotlight: Janet Mann. To conduct their research, Mann and her team head out onto the water with their camera and small skiff, Ahoya, to track the Potomac dolphins.

  • Amy O'Hara
    MDI Welcomes Data Governance and Integration Expert Amy O’Hara

    The Massive Data Institute (MDI) at the McCourt School of Public Policy is pleased to welcome data governance, data integration, and privacy expert Dr. Amy O’Hara. Dr. O’Hara joins MDI as a Research Professor and Co-Director of U.S. Census Research Data Center (RDC) at Georgetown University.

  • report
    New Report: Three Educational Pathways to Good Jobs

    In 1991, most good jobs did not require a BA. Today, there are three distinct pathways to good jobs: high school, middle skills, and bachelor’s degree, says new research from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (CEW) in partnership with JPMorgan Chase & Co.

  • Dr. Rosen
    Eva Rosen Recognized As Outstanding Early Career Scholar by APPAM

    McCourt School Assistant Professor Eva Rosen has been recognized as one of the Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management’s (APPAM) 40 for 40 Fellowship.

  • Cash transfer
    McCourt and UCSD researchers put cost effectiveness of conventional foreign aid to the test

    September 19, 2018 - What is the most effective and scalable way to administer aid to vulnerable populations? It turns out that unconditional cash transfers to the poor may be more effective than conventional forms of foreign aid at producing positive health outcomes.

  • Prof. Singh
    #METOO Movement Twitter Data Mined by Computer Science Professor

    Lisa Singh, computer science professor and research professor in the McCourt School of Public Policy’s Massive Data Institute, works on numerous aspects of data-driven computer science. One of her most recent projects is mining Twitter data around the #MeToo hashtag in collaboration with six other Georgetown professors. This research is supported by the Massive Data Institute and the Gender Justice Initiative.

  • Gormley
    McCourt Professor Receives New Grant to Advance Universal Pre-K Study

    September, 2018 - McCourt School of Public Policy Professor William Gormley was recently awarded $460,000 in new funding from the Heising-Simons Foundation, to continue his research on the effects of universal pre-K programs, focusing this time on high school outcomes.

  • Image of milk bottles with small seedlings growing inside at different rates.
    New Research Identifies Pathway to Increasing Retirement Earnings for Individuals

    Georgetown University Center for Retirement Initiatives study highlights how using alternate assets through target date funds can increase certain investment returns and lower risk

  • Capitol
    The Lugar Center, McCourt Unveil 2017 Bipartisan Index

    The Lugar Center, led by former U.S. Senator Richard Lugar, and the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University today jointly released their new Bipartisan Index (BPI) rankings of members of Congress for 2017.