Master of Public Policy

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Why Public Policy?

A Master of Public Policy (MPP) means mastering a set of core skills in policy analysis and program evaluation, management, and politics that are valuable in many settings – from national, state, and local governments to think tanks, consulting firms, community-action groups, and direct-service providers – not only in the U.S., but around the world. Governments, nonprofit, and private employers need highly-skilled, well-trained policy analysts who can dissect a problem, analyze and interpret data, and evaluate and create alternative courses of action.

Despite strong public agreement on many of society’s goals, deciding which policies will be most effective is not a simple task. Will time limits on welfare receipt increase self-sufficiency, or increase poverty? What are the best ways to reform our public schools or our health care system? Will “pollution taxes” help improve environmental quality? The MPP Degree endows its practitioners with the analytical tools and critical discernment to tackle these questions.