Washington, D.C.

The McCourt School of Public Policy’s affiliated centers are engaged in research, professional training, and sharing of information on Congress, health policy, international development, and social policy.


The Government Affairs Institute
GAI provides education and training about congressional processes, organization, and practices, and about selected legislative policy issues.


The Health Policy Institute
HPI is a multi-disciplinary group of faculty and staff dedicated to conducting research on key issues in health policy and health services research, including health care financing, the uninsured, and health insurance reform.

Health Care Financing Initiative
The Health Care Financing Initiative conducts research in health care financing, and fosters engagement between students, faculty, policymakers, and industry leaders in health care financing. 

Health Information Group
The Health Information Group provides leadership in program development, educational resources, and innovative technology to improve health and well-being.

Center for Children and Families 
CCF is an independent, nonpartisan policy and research center whose mission is to expand and improve health coverage for America's children and families.

Center on Health Insurance Reforms 
CHIR is composed of a team of nationally recognized experts on private health insurance and health reform.  Our mission is to improve access to affordable and adequate health insurance by providing balanced, evidence-based research, analysis, and strategic advice.

National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health 
The Center provides national leadership to the maternal and child health community in program development, education, and state-of-the-art knowledge to improve the health and well-being of the nation's children and families.

National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center 
OHRC supports health professionals, program administration and staff, educators, policymakers, and others working in states and communities with the goal of improving oral health services for infants, children, adolescents, and their families.


Georgetown University Initiative on Innovation, Development and Evaluation (gui2de)
Gui2de conducts empirical field-based research to assess the impact and effectiveness of interventions and policies aimed at empowering individuals in developing countries to improve their lives.


The Center on Education and the Workforce 
The Center is an independent, nonprofit research and policy institute that studies the link between education, career qualifications, and workforce demands. The Center conducts research, engagement, and outreach to policymakers and practitioners.

The Center for Juvenile Justice Reform 
CJJR supports and educates leaders across systems of care to advance a balanced, multi-system approach to improving outcomes for, and promoting the positive development of, youth at risk of juvenile justice involvement.

The Center on Poverty, Inequality, & Public Policy
The Center on Poverty works with policymakers, researchers, advocates, and others to develop effective policies and practices to alleviate poverty and inequality in the United States. The Center's areas of anti-poverty work include: developing effective workforce and education policies and programs; improving outcomes for disadvantaged and disconnected youth; and expanding and improving the Earned Income Tax Credit and other federal poverty-reduction programs.

The Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership 
CPNL is a leading education, research and training center dedicated to the development of public, nonprofit and philanthropic leadership.

The Center for Research on Children in the United States 
CROCUS focuses on policy issues related to children, including early childhood education, pre-K programs, Head Start, and child care programs.

The Center for Retirement Initiatives
The Center for Retirement Initiatives promotes, through rigorous research, technical assistance and education, innovative retirement solutions at the state level in the United States.

Edunomics Lab
Edunomics Lab is a research center dedicated to exploring and modeling complex education fiscal decisions. The center tracks public funds in K-12 and higher education systems to the point of service and examines the effects of policy decisions on the allocation of resources across students and services.

FutureEd is an independent, solution-oriented think tank committed to bringing fresh energy to the causes of excellence, equity, and efficiency in K-12 and higher education on behalf of the nation's disadvantaged students.