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This ‘transformative experience’ launched a Georgetown Law grad’s career in tech policy

A new fellowship offered by the McCourt School’s Tech & Public Policy program provides Georgetown University graduate students with unparalleled opportunities to work directly with an innovative nonprofit media venture.

Mateo García Silva (LLM’24), an inaugural Tech Policy Press Fellow, earned a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree from Georgetown Law in May 2024.

Mateo García Silva (LLM’24), a native of rural Galicia, in northwest Spain, spent his first few years as a practitioner of law at Cuatrecasas, an international firm based in Barcelona, focusing on technology regulation, media and telecommunications law and data protection. In search of an opportunity to enrich his growing expertise in technology law and policy, he left his home country for Washington, DC, to earn a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree at Georgetown Law.

As an LL.M. student, García Silva discovered the McCourt School’s Tech & Public Policy program (TPP) and its newly established fellowship with Tech Policy Press , a nonprofit media venture. 

“When I first heard about the Tech Policy Press Fellowship, I was already a subscriber to their newsletter and a listener of their insightful podcast, which covers a wide range of tech policy issues,” he said.

In his last semester at Georgetown Law, García Silva was selected to join the inaugural class of Tech Policy Press Fellows, providing an opportunity to explore the critical role technology plays in modern society and the need for thoughtful regulation to balance innovation with public interest.

Across the spring 2024 semester, García Silva and his peers had the opportunity to regularly engage with Tech Policy Press staffers to support their research and develop substantive summaries of policy findings for web publication. The Fellows’ work also included documenting regulations, legislation, litigation and other policy actions that seek to govern technology across the world. 

The McCourt School’s Tech & Public Policy program offered a unique opportunity to work with experts in tech policy, an area I am deeply passionate about. The Tech Policy Press Fellowship was a transformative experience that solidified my commitment to pursuing a career in tech policy.

Mateo García Silva (LLM’24)

“My experience in the fellowship was extremely enriching,” said García Silva. “I collaborated on some exciting projects, including analyzing the most relevant tech cases in front of the Supreme Court this year and writing for Tech Policy Press on a topic of particular interest, contributing to the broader discourse on tech policy.” 

At Tech Policy Press, García Silva found a collaborative environment where he could meaningfully engage with cutting-edge issues. 

“I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to applying the knowledge and skills I gained in my future endeavors,” he said.

After earning his fourth graduate degree in law, García Silva plans to utilize his extensive academic background to help shape the global debate around technology regulation and to pursue an international career in technology law and policy.

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