All are welcome to attend the McCourt School of Public Policy Seminar Series, which features guest speakers presenting original research.  Unless noted otherwise, all seminars from now on will be held in Old North 205.

Spring 2013

Monday, February 25 (3:30-5:00): David Frisvold (Emory University), "Paying for Change: The Federal Reimbursement Rate and the Nutritional Quality of School Meals"

Monday, March 11 (3:30-5:00): Craig Volden (University of Virginia), "The Lawmakers: Legislative Effectiveness in the United States Congress" (.pdf)

Monday, March 25 (3:30-5:00): Peter Hinrichs (Georgetown University), "What Kind of Teachers Are Schools Looking For? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment"

Monday, April 8 (3:30-5:00): Timothy Moore (George Washington University), "The White/Black Educational Gap, Stalled Progress, and the Long Term Consequences of the Emergence of Crack Cocaine Markets" (.pdf)

Monday, April 22 (3:30-5:00): Jonah Rockoff (Columbia University), "Does Menstruation Explain Gender Gaps in Work Absenteeism?" (.pdf) and "Do Menstrual Problems Explain Gender Gaps in Absenteeism and Earnings? Evidence from the National Health Interview Survey" (.pdf)

Monday, May 6 (3:30-5:00): Jonathan Robinson (UC Santa Cruz), "Daily Needs, Income Targets and Labor Supply: Evidence from Kenya"

Fall 2012

Monday, September 10 (2:00-3:30): David Albouy (University of Michigan), "Metropolitan Land Values and Housing Productivity" (.pdf) [Location: Old North 316]

Monday, September 24 (2:00-3:30): Lesley Turner (University of Maryland), "The Incidence of Student Financial Aid: Evidence from the Pell Grant Program" (.pdf) [Location: Old North 316]

Monday, October 1 (2:00-3:30): CANCELLED

Monday, October 15 (2:00-3:30): Stuart Jordan (University of Rochester), "'Nested Lobbying' over Bureaucratic Structure" (.pdf)

Monday, November 5 (2:00-3:30): Michael Lovenheim (Cornell University), "Does the Market Value Value-Added? Evidence from Housing Prices After a Public Release of School and Teacher Value-Added" (.pdf)

Monday, November 19 (2:00-3:30): Kirabo Jackson (Northwestern University), "Teacher Quality at the High-School Level: The Importance of Accounting for Tracks" (.pdf)

Monday, December 3 (2:00-3:30): Philip Cook (Duke University), "The Great American Gun War: Notes from Four Decades in the Trenches" (.docx)

Spring 2012

Monday, March 12 (2:00-3:30): Darrell West (Brookings Institution), "Using Technology to Personalize Learning and Assess Students in Real-Time" (.pdf)

Monday, March 19 (2:00-3:30): David Konisky (Georgetown University), "Climate, Energy, and the American Public" (.pdf)

Monday, March 26 (2:00-3:30): Frank Baumgartner (University of North Carolina), "A Power-Law of Death" [Location: Old North 316]

Monday, April 2 (2:00-3:30): Mark Hoekstra (Texas A&M University), "Finance and Growth: A Counter-Example from the Origins of Banking in Russia" (.pdf)      

Monday, April 16 (2:00-3:30): Barry Chiswick (George Washington University), "Matching Language Proficiency to Occupation: The Effect on Immigrants' Earnings" (.doc)

Monday, April 23 (2:00-3:30): Diane Gibson (CUNY - Baruch College), "The Neighborhood Food Environment, Food Stamp Program Participation and Weight-Related Outcomes of Low-Income Women" (.pdf) [Location: Old North 316]

Monday, April 30 (2:00-3:30): Joshua Goodman (Harvard University), "Flaking Out: Snowfall, Disruptions of Instructional Time and Student Achievement"

Fall 2011

Thursday, September 15 (3:00-4:30): William Gormley (Georgetown University), "Arguing for Kids: Language that Works" (.doc)

Thursday, September 22 (3:30-5:00): Arik Levinson (Georgetown University), "Valuing Public Goods Using Happiness Data: The Case of Air Quality" (.pdf) [Location: Old North 316]

Thursday, September 29 (3:00-4:30): Melissa Kearney (University of Maryland), "Early Non-Marital Childbearing and the 'Culture of Despair'" (.pdf)

Thursday, October 6 (3:00-4:30): Jonathan Guryan (Northwestern University), "Motivation and Incentives in Education: Evidence from a Summer Reading Experiment"

Thursday, October 13 (3:00-4:30): Susan Webb Yackee (University of Wisconsin), "The Politics of Ex Parte Lobbying: Pre-Proposal Agenda Building and Blocking During Agency Rulemaking" (.pdf) [Location: Old North 316]

Thursday, October 20 (3:00-4:30): John Yinger (Syracuse University), "Hedonic Markets and Explicit Demands: Bid-Function Envelopes for Public Services and Neighborhood Amenities" (.pdf)

Thursday, October 27 (3:00-4:30): Christopher Ruhm (University of Virginia), "Time for Children: Trends in the Employment Patterns of Parents, 1967-2009" (.docx) (University of Virginia)

Thursday, November 17 (3:00-4:30): Peter Hinrichs (Georgetown University), "An Empirical Analysis of Racial Segregation in Higher Education" [Location: Old North 316]

Thursday, December 1 (3:00-4:30): Lisa Kahn (Yale University), "Job Durations, Match Quality and the Business Cycle: What We Can Learn from Firm Fixed Effects" (.pdf)

Thursday, December 8 (3:00-4:30): Peter Leeson, (George Mason University), "Sassywood" (.pdf) [Location: Old North 316]

Spring 2011

Friday, January 14 (1:30-3:00): Jeffrey Kling (Congressional Budget Office), "Misperception in Choosing Medicare Drug Plans" (.pdf) [Location: Old North 316]

Friday, January 28 (1:30-3:00): Helen Ladd (Duke University), "Weighted Student Funding in the Netherlands: A Model for the U.S.?" (.docx) [Location: Old North 316]

Wednesday, February 23 (3:00-4:30): Scott Imberman (University of Houston), "Is Gifted Education a Bright Idea? Assessing the Impact of Gifted and Talented Programs on Achievement and Behavior" (.pdf)

Friday, March 18 (1:30-3:00): Sarah Stafford (The College of William & Mary), "Do 'Carrots' Work? Examining the Effectiveness of EPA's Compliance Assistance Program" (.docx)  [Location: Old North 316]

Friday, April 8 (1:30-3:00): Thomas DeLeire (University of Wisconsin), "Estimates of Crowd-Out from a Public Health Insurance Expansion Using Administrative Data" (.pdf) [Location: Old North 316]

Wednesday, April 20 (3:00-4:30): Shanti Gamper-Rabindran (University of Pittsburgh), "Does Cleanup of Hazardous Waste Sites Raise Housing Values? Evidence of Spatially Localized Benefits" (.pdf) [Location: New North 412]

Fall 2010

Friday, September 10 (1:30-3:00): Thomas Stratmann (George Mason University), "Do Black Mayors Improve Black Employment Outcomes? Evidence from Large U.S. Cities" (.pdf) [Location: Old North 316]

Friday, September 24 (1:30-3:00): Theodore Joyce (CUNY - Baruch College), "Changes in Teen Fertility Following Access to the Pill and Abortion in the Early 1970s" (.pdf)

Friday, October 15 (1:30-3:00): Charles Clotfelter (Duke University), "Is Commercial Sports Mentioned in Your University's Mission Statement?" (.doc)

Friday, October 29 (noon-1:30): Elisabeth Gerber (University of Michigan), "Political Geography, Campaign Contributions, and Representation" (.pdf) [Presented jointly with the Depatment of Government.  Location: ICC 662]

Thursday, November 11 (1:30-3:00): Amalia Miller (University of Virginia), "A Female Style in Corporate Leadership?  Evidence from Quotas" (.pdf)

Thursday, December 2 (1:30-3:00): Sean Reardon (Stanford University), "The Widening Academic-Achievement Gap between the Rich and the Poor: New Evidence and Possible Explanations" (.pdf)

Spring 2010

Friday, February 5 (noon-1:30): Andrew Whitford (University of Georgia), "Information and Uncertainty in Regulatory Processes" (.pdf) [Presented jointly with the Department of Government.]

Friday, February 19 (1:30-3:00): Judith Hellerstein (University of Maryland), "Neighbors and Co-Workers: The Importance of Residential Labor Market Networks" (.pdf)

Friday, March 5 (2:00-3:30): Brian Jacob (University of Michigan), "The Impact of No Child Left Behind on Student Achievement" (.pdf)

Friday, May 7 (10:30-noon): Dave Marcotte (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), "A Cure for Crime? Psycho-Pharmaceuticals and Crime Trends" (.pdf)

Fall 2009

Tuesday, September 22 (10:00-11:30): Jesse Rothstein (UC Berkeley), "The Value of School Facility Investments: Evidence from a Dynamic Regression Discontinuity Design" (.pdf)

Friday, October 23 (noon-1:30): Douglas Reed (Georgetown University),  "Desegregation, Massive Resistance and Intercurrence : Judicial Capacity and School Vouchers in Alexandria, Virginia” (.pdf) [Presented jointly with the Department of Government.  Location: ICC 662]

Monday, November 2 (3:30-5:00): Alan Wiseman (Ohio State University), “A Theory of Government Regulation and Self-Regulation with the Specter of Nonmarket Threats” (.pdf) [Presented jointly with the Department of Government]

Friday, November 13 (1:30-3:00): Sarah Turner (University of Virginia), "Playing the College Application Game: Critical Moves and the Link to Socio-Economic Circumstances"

Spring 2009

Friday, January 30 (3:00-4:30): Greg Huber (Yale University), "Party Affiliation, Partisanship, and Political Beliefs: A Field Experiment" (.pdf)  [Presented jointly with the Department of Government.  Location: ICC 662]

Thursday, March 12 (1:00-2:30): David Figlio (Northwestern University), "Feeling the Florida Heat? How Low-Performing Schools Respond to Voucher and Accountability Pressure" (.pdf)

Friday, April 17 (1:45-3:15): John Ham (University of Maryland), "Government Empowerment Zones Can Improve Local Labor Markets: Evidence from State Enterprise Zones, Federal Empowerment Zones and Federal Enterprise Communities"  (.pdf)

Fall 2008

Friday, September 5 (2:00-3:30): Jacob Vigdor (Duke University), "Scaling the Digital Divide: Home Computer Technology and Student Achievement" (.pdf)

Friday, September 12 (3:00-4:30): David Park (George Washington University), "Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State: How Americans are Polarized and How They're Not"

Friday, October 17 (10:30-noon): Nora Gordon (UC San Diego), "Financial Incentives and the Desegregation of Southern Schools" (.pdf)

Friday, October 24 (2:00-3:30): Amy Zegart (UCLA), "Adaptation Failures of U.S. Intelligence Agencies" (.pdf)  [Presented jointly with the Department of Government.  Location: ICC 662]

Thursday, November 6 (3:00-4:30): Matthew Baum (Harvard University), "Reality Asserts Itself: Public Opinion on Iraq and the Elasticity of Reality" (.pdf)

Friday, November 21 (10:30-noon): Mark Duggan (University of Maryland), "The Effect of Medicare Part D on Pharmaceutical Prices and Utilization" (.pdf)