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Category: Discovery & Impact, Student Experience

Title: Bringing the numbers game to policy studies

Author: Emma Francois
Date Published: February 20, 2023

Hearing everyone’s perspectives about where they come from, how they look at a problem, is truly enlightening.

Jake Kochmansky (MPP’23)

Another highlight has been his experiences as a Teaching Assistant for two McCourt School quantitative classes and one public management course. For him, being a TA is about more than helping students solve equations and get to the right number. It’s about communicating foundations and exploring keystone concepts together — often with a dry erase marker in hand.

“I absolutely love teaching and helping students through these classes,” he says. “I’m not afraid to bring out my whiteboard.”

Kochmansky is also an Evening Program Representative for the McCourt Student Association, as well as a McCourt Ambassador for the admissions office. And in between studies, he’s working full time as a legislative correspondent and communications assistant for Representative John Moolenaar (R-MI 4th District).

“Being a former student athlete has really prepared me for this. I certainly wouldn’t be here today without my parents, coaches, teammates and friends who pushed me to be the best version of myself,” he says. “I’m trying to make the most of my experiences and focus on what’s going on right now.”