Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Joint Program in Public Policy?

What is Public Policy?

Why study public policy? What will the program prepare me to do post-graduation?

What is the curriculum like?

What are the specific course requirements of the Public Policy major?

How will it work to live and study across two campuses?

How will advising work?

What can students expect from the Capitol Campus?

How and when can first-year applicants and current Georgetown students enter the program?

I am a Georgetown College of Arts & Sciences student. Will I still be a part of the College community if I enter the public policy program?

What courses outside of the McCourt School can I take as a junior or senior?

Can I minor in public policy?

If I’m a public policy major, can I double major or minor in another academic program?

Do I have to move to the Capitol Campus to major in public policy?

I am on a sports team/want to participate in student clubs – how can I participate if I live downtown?

Can I study abroad if I’m in the joint program?

Can international students pursue the joint program?

Is there an opportunity to do an AB/MPP?

Are there tuition/cost of living differences between the two campuses?

Can I get a tour of the Capitol Campus?

Can I attend events at the McCourt School if I’m not in the joining program?

What if I want to switch my major from Public Policy to another major in the College of Arts & Sciences?