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Calling All Changemakers, The World Is Waiting For You

Something called us to be here. Whether we’ve seen civil unrest in our Twitter feeds or firsthand in our communities—whether our goal is to increase access to education or limit the effects of climate change—we feel compelled to put our passion into action.

Every Call to Action Deserves an Answer

Our world needs you now more than ever. Take the next step to create change.

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Policy is Problem Solving

The world’s problems may seem big and daunting, but they can be solved. When we act collectively, using evidence as our north star, public policy becomes a vehicle for change. Whether that means delivering healthcare where it’s needed most, harnessing data for sustainability or promoting economic growth for all.

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Connecting Knowledge with Purpose

We always hear about the political side of policy, but for real change to take place, we must combine academic rigor with a deep understanding of how change is made. That’s why our expert faculty works right alongside you. Teaching you the analytical, management and communication skills you need, while our network opens up real-world opportunities for you to put those skills into action.

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A Front Door to Policy

In Washington DC, we gain real-world experience in real-time, right in our own backyard. Our students have access to the highest concentration of internships and opportunities in the public, private, nonprofit and multilateral sectors and they are able to work and learn alongside civic leaders and policy experts.

Answering the Call

Political and social unrest has forced millions of Venezuelans to flee their country, often by traveling through Colombia to Ecuador. Using the tools she learned at McCourt and a grant from the Gates Foundation, Andrea Vargas (MPP ’19) launched a pro-bono impact investing project to help Venezuelan refugees secure fast-tracked visas.

With an economy heavily reliant on tourism, Hawaii is more vulnerable to economic decline and instability. Brittany Heyd recognized this challenge and used her policy background to make a difference. Co-founding Mana Up, a startup that fosters economic development in Hawaii, Heyd was able to make a real impact.

Voting transparency is essential in democracy—allowing the public to see and verify election results. Ben Mindes, the brains behind Observe D.C., the nation’s first-ever sample-based election observation project, worked to keep our voting process open and honest.

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Policy Must Be Created for All, by All

Our biggest problems will not be solved by any one of us alone. That’s why we extend our reach beyond campus walls. We join together with like-minded, unlike-minded and evidence-minded organizations because more diverse ways of thinking bring better solutions.

McCourt by the Numbers

3rd Ranked in International Global Policy and Administration by U.S. News & World Report
99% Placement Rate May 2019 graduates employed or continuing their education within six months
11th Ranked in Public Policy Analysis by U.S. News & World Report

We can solve society’s most complex challenges. Together, we will.

The first step toward change could be the simple click of a button.