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There is no work experience requirement.

Principles of Microeconomics Course:

Applicants should not be dissuaded from applying because they have not completed this class at the time of application. Applicants can receive a conditional acceptance and will need to complete the course before they enroll.

In order to fulfill this admissions requirement, admitted students must complete a 3-credit Principles of Microeconomics course earning a grade of B or higher at an accredited college or university by August 1.

Admitted students can choose to take this course at a four-year institution or at a community college as long as it is accredited, and the course is a 3-credit course. Online courses are also accepted, however, we recommend courses with an instructor that do not rely solely on self-study.

Examples include :

  • Northern Virginia Community College (Washington, DC )
  • Cornell University (online)
  • Harvard University Extension (online)
  • University of California Berkeley Extension (online)
  • University of Massachusetts (online)
  • UT Austin University Extension (online with proctored locations for exams)
  • Central University of Finance and Economics (online; admitted students in China)

*These are just a few examples of institutions that offer appropriate courses, both online and in-person. The McCourt School has no financial interest in recommending these courses.

*Coursera courses or professional experience will not fulfill this requirement, nor will courses offered by for-profit entities such as University of Phoenix or Kaplan University.

*We do not accept transferred credits from AP or IB coursework.

*If you have completed a course that is not titled, “Principles of Microeconomics,” but covers equivalent content, please send a copy of the syllabus to and the Admissions Committee will review it to determine if it can count towards this prerequisite requirement.

Admitted students who deposit and confirm their intention to enroll at McCourt will also have the option to take a free online Principles of Microeconomics summer course at the McCourt School prior to the fall start to satisfy their microeconomics prerequisite. The course will run from early June to mid-August with recorded lectures to view on your own time and class meetings once a week. Please note that only those who are required to take the course as part of the admissions stipulation can enroll.

While the microeconomics course offered through McCourt is an option, we encourage applicants, particularly those without quantitative backgrounds, to fulfill the prerequisite as early as possible. Doing so can help to demonstrate both the seriousness of your intent to study at McCourt as well as your quantitative aptitude. Fulfilling the prerequisite in advance also has the advantage of avoiding any possible scheduling conflicts that may come with a summer class.

Over the summer we will provide information and topics for self-study to admitted students that might be helpful to review, especially if it has been a while since you took a Principles of Microeconomics class as a way of reviewing the material. For example, students who took the class more than five years ago, earned less than a B or who felt they didn’t have a firm grasp of the materials should seriously consider taking a class for credit before entering the program. In our experience, self-study and/or taking a noncredit refresher course are not sufficient means for learning the material.

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 2 years of relevant experience is recommended but candidates with substantial residence in developing country contexts or relevant undergraduate studies are also encouraged to apply

Principles of Microeconomics course (same as MPP – please see the information above).

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There is no work experience requirement for the MS-DSPP program.

There are no formal course prerequisites for this program, however, the following is recommended:

  • College level calculus course
  • Demonstrated technical skills in computer science, statistics, and advanced mathematics
  • Familiarity with Python and/or R software
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5 years of full-time professional work experience.

There are no course prerequisites for this program.

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What are the application prerequisites for the Program?

  • U.S. Citizenship/Lawful U.S. Permanent Residency/DACA Recipient
  • Minimum 5 years of professional work experience 
  • Leadership capacity with potential for further growth
  • Demonstrated commitment to public service

Applicants must apply via the National Urban Fellows website:

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