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McCourt, Georgetown Graduate Analytics Launch Master in Data Science for Public Policy Program

September 5, 2017

From our smartphones and our credit cards; to our tweets and our cars– data is everywhere and in everything.

The smart and intentional application of this data would allow us to make better public policy decisions, find patterns, and more effectively deliver critical services like healthcare, education and national security.

In response to this transformation, the McCourt School of Public Policy and Georgetown’s Graduate Analytics Program are excited to launch the Master in Data Science for Public Policy (MDSPP) degree.

Combining Renowned Strengths

“In governments around the world and in the nonprofit and private sectors, the demand for data analysts, scientists, and data savvy managers is increasing quickly,” said Michael Bailey, interim dean of the McCourt School, who played an integral role in the design of the program. “This program was designed specifically for this need. McCourt is committed to evolving our offerings and better preparing the next generation of policy leaders.”

This innovative, blended curriculum allows graduates to be highly valuable across sectors in the US and around the globe.

Well-Rounded and In-Demand Skills

The MDSPP, a full-time, two-year program, will provide a unique curriculum at the intersection of data science and quantitative public policy analysis. Students will be trained not only in the tools of data science and quantitative public policy analysis, but also in communications and leadership so they can be more effective in the policy world.

While oriented towards public service and civic engagement, graduates of this program will find their skills sought-after in the private and nonprofit sectors as well.