Our Aspirations Anchor

Our Aspirations

To create and foster an inclusive environment and culture that supports:

  • Equipping effective future leaders with the knowledge and skills to work across differences and use that to problem solve, challenge assumptions and provide impactful solutions.
  • Recruiting, providing an excellent education to, and graduating a diverse student body.
  • Recruiting, retaining and fostering the careers of diverse faculty and staff.
  • Rigorous research and analysis that address inequities and effective strategies for positive change 
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Our Values Anchor

Our Values

  • We value diversity and inclusion along, but not limited to, the dimensions of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, socio-economic  background, and political ideology.
  • We recognize that building an inclusive school, with a diverse student body and diverse faculty and staff, is essential to our mission, our ability to have impact, and to prepare our students to change the world.
  • We recognize the need to address systemic racism and other forms of systemic discrimination, understand their histories and inequitable consequences, and develop effective corrective responses.
  • Dismantling racism is a long term effort requiring active engagement of broad input and participation; and this is a living document that will require continual development.
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Our Goals Anchor

Our Goals


  • Develop curriculum and programming that address institutional, structural, and interpersonal racism and inequality, and foster equity and inclusion.
  • Leverage existing work from academic faculty and research centers addressing racial and social justice.


  • Identify and implement effective strategies to recruit a diverse community of faculty, staff and students; develop metrics to support transparency and accountability.
  • Create opportunities for the McCourt community to convene, converse and take action to address racism and inequality.  
  • Develop skills and structures that foster open and equitable participation.


  • Continue building collaborations with  institutions and organizations supporting diversity and inclusion.
  • Continue and expand pipeline programs.
  • Strengthen our partnership with National Urban Fellows.
  • Continue to seek out and build philanthropic partnerships rooted in a shared commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. 


  • Support rigorous research, policy development  and community engagement that address racism and inequality and advance racial and social justice.
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