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The Massive Data Institute (MDI) at Georgetown’s McCourt School of Public Policy is an interdisciplinary research center devoted to the study of high-dimensional data to answer public policy questions.

MDI uses data from novel, often real-time sources like the Internet, social media, sensors and other big data sources and blends them with more traditional large data sources like government surveys ​to increase our understanding of society and human behavior, and thus improve public policy decision-making.

MDI draws on expertise from across Georgetown’s campus and beyond, including the social, natural, and computer science departments, and through strategic partnerships with organizations like the Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, the Institute for Social Research at University of Michigan, and the Pew Charitable Trust. The U.S. Census Bureau has designated MDI a Federal Statistical Research Data Center, one of only 23 in the nation.

The ​MDI regularly awards seed grants, houses post-doctoral fellows, and hosts panels and faculty seminars on public policy and massive data.

Directions to the MDI Office

From the main gates, you will need to enter the building called Healy Hall at the ground floor. When facing Healy, you can go downstairs using the steps located at the center of Healy Hall. Take these steps and go through the door and walk down the hallway. Enter through the door on the left for GU Politics (G-18). If you continue walking past the television screen and seating area, you will see the G-03 suite that is the MDI space. Alternatively, you can enter Healy Hall from the first floor and take the elevator (located close to the restrooms and the Bioethics Library) down to the Ground floor, walk down the ramp located on the right-hand side, and enter the MDI suite.

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