The Massive Data Institute (MDI) at the McCourt School of Public Policy is accepting applications for research seed grants and data training grants. Descriptions of the grants can be found below. The deadline is June 30, 2019.

Research Seed Grants: Up to three grants of up to $40,000 will be awarded to early-stage projects with high potential to generate external funding. These projects must make use of large data sets and involve interdisciplinary collaboration related to public policy.  All projects must involve at least one full-time Georgetown researcher or faculty member. 

Data Training Grants: Up to five grants will be awarded this year to faculty for attending data training workshops. Example training includes learning new types of analysis (e.g. deep learning and network analysis) and/or new software that will help advance your research agenda. These grants can cover the cost of the workshop and travel-related expenses; they should not cover paper presentations, conferences, or tutorials at conferences. 

Application Process:

Grant Submissions

To apply for either the research seed grant or the data training grant, applicants must submit:

Research Seed Grants

  • A research seed grant cover sheet (.pdf).
  • A project proposal of no more than 3 pages that includes:
    • Project goals and objectives

    • Research methods

    • Budget and budget justification
    • Information on the external funding sources for which you intend to apply
  • A proposed budget of no more than $40,000
    • Allowable expenses are up to $10,000 in summer salary support per PI as well as funds for research assistants and data acquisition or travel expenses.

Data Training Grants

  • A proposal of no more than 1 page that includes:
    • Workshop name
    • Workshop purpose
    • Workshop location
    • Total workshop and travel costs
    • Explanation on how the training will advance your research portfolio

The deadline for these applications is June 30, 2019. All applications should be submitted via email as a single PDF, including affiliated cover sheets and project/workshop proposals to MDI with “MDI Research/Data Training Grant Application” and the primary PI’s last name in the subject line.

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