About MDI

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About MDI

Data Linkage Day

Data Linkage Day promotes the technical innovations and outcomes related to linking data for statistical purposes, share those innovations with peers, and inspire new ways to produce analytical results to answer the call for evidence-based policymaking.

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Big Data Ethics and Privacy

MDI develops and supports efforts around the ethical use of data, including highlighting best practices for sharing data, managing concerns around privacy and discrimination, and making sure the benefits of big data reach our most marginalized or vulnerable populations.

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Data Blending

MDI’s Data Blending project seeks to advance the study of unstructured, organic data being shared online, an important source of information for social scientists attempting to characterize and predict human and societal dynamics.

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Data for Social Good

Our Data for Social Good effort, in partnership with Georgetown’s Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation, aims to better understand the impact of data on social and public outcomes.

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Funding Opportunities

Learn more about MDI's research seed grants, joint seed grants with the Georgetown Environment Initiative, and training grants offered to Georgetown researchers.

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MDI Compute Infrastructure

Learn about our new Cloud infrastructure and different ways researchers are using it to support big data research.

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Research Data Center (RDC)

The Georgetown RDC, a collaboration between the U.S. Census Bureau and MDI, provides secure access to critical government data for qualified researchers in the DC area, enabling them to examine a wide range of social and economic issues.

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Working Research

Read about the conference attendance and research taking place at MDI and its impact on public policy.

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Administrative Data Research Initiative (ADRI)

ADRI supports secure and responsible access to administrative data collected by government agencies and companies by addressing obstacles often encountered by researchers and promoting standards and best practices.



Massive Data Institute News

  • Baltimore's Lafayette Street
    Researching Poverty and American Housing with Big Data

    Eva Rosen, an Assistant Professor at Georgetown’s McCourt School of Public Policy, is using her MDI Seed Grant to further her research in poverty and American housing policy.

  • Jonathan Ladd introducing panel discussion
    Data Blending: Tackling the Obstacles

    Last month, the Massive Data Institute (MDI) organized a two-part panel discussion on “Data Blending: Tackling the Obstacles” in the Bioethics Research Library.

  • GIS Workshop - classroom photo with students around a u-shaped table, laptops out, working with data.
    Satellite Imagery and GIS Software

    This past month, the Massive Data Institute (MDI) collaborated with the School of Foreign Service (SFS) to organize a two-day workshop on Satellite Imagery and GIS software.

  • Art depicting Man in overalls with shovel walking toward looming piece of cryptocurrency
    Insuring Your Bitcoin: Creating More Efficient ZKPs

    Georgetown’s Justin Thaler, an assistant professor in the department of computer science, has dedicated his latest research to develop new, more efficient ZKPs using his MDI Seed Grant funding awarded in 2017.