Center of the Policy World

Our location in Washington, D.C., puts our students at the center of the policy world, giving them access to the highest concentration of policy internships and jobs, and allowing us to bring in leading policy practitioners as both teachers and speakers.

Quantitative Curriculum

The McCourt School’s rigorous quantitative-focused curriculum sets our graduates apart from their peers on day one. They are characterized by the level of their critical thinking as well as their substantive knowledge of key issues and approaches to policy analysis. The McCourt School’s mission is to give its students the rigorous quantitative and analytic skills needed to design, implement and evaluate smart policies in the U.S. and around the world. The curriculum reflects the diversity of their goals and prepare them both for high-level public sector positions as well as those in the nonprofit or business sectors.

Leading Practitioners

McCourt School students learn from a vibrant and engaged community of policy scholars and practitioners. Our faculty do cutting-edge research to identify pressing problems and recommend effective solutions on today’s most critical topics including economic security, energy and the environment, education, international development, health and healthcare. They are regularly called upon to advise the government on a wide range of pressing policy topics.

Training Future Leaders

Our students are trained and prepared to put policy into practice – in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, in the U.S. and around the world. By building a rich and engaged intellectual environment, McCourt attracts and trains the very best students who will become the policy leaders of tomorrow.