Etai Mizrav


 Coming to the McCourt School was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

Why did you choose the McCourt School?

After a few years of stressful career in politics and the military, I was looking for an “academic retreat” in my field of interest. Adding to Georgetown’s reputation as an institution and the D.C. location (that me and my wife decided on in advance), I had a feeling that the program can give me skills that I am weaker in, like the quantitative skills. I was right.

How has your experience at McCourt been so far?

Coming to Georgetown was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am having an amazing experience. It is great to be in an academic environment such as the McCourt School’s, with interesting and bright professors that are always there to help. What’s also special is the overwhelmingly interesting group of individuals that compile the class. Spending time with my classmates is as much of a learning experience as the regular classes and assignments.

Have you taken advantage of the McCourt School’s DC location? If so, how?

Coming to D.C. was an obvious decision. The city’s opportunities and special political environment is something I was drawn to since I was very young and I am glad I got to fulfill this interest. Being in this city allows me to be engaged with American politics and policy in the best possible way. As a foreign student, I get to appreciate the amazing policymaking system without the cynicism that some of my American friends (rightfully) have. It’s a great experience.

What do you hope to do with your McCourt School degree?

As I want to become a school teacher, my masters’ studies at the McCourt School probably aren’t the most traditional way to gain this profession. I came here for the academic experience and not necessarily for what follows. It would be nice to practice some of the skills that I gained here in policy analysis, specifically education policy, but in the long run I am hoping to find myself in a public high-school classroom teaching.

What would you say about the McCourt School to a prospective student?

This is an amazing portal to pursue personal interest in any policy area. It’s not a walk in the park, as this is a demanding institution. The McCourt School’s approach as I see it is to have us students base our policy interest on solid evidence and efficient and accurate policy analysis process. That’s why there is an important combination of required, mostly quantitative analysis core courses and a big enough window to fill with specialized courses and thesis in your field of interest. That’s what I looked for and I would highly recommend it to prospective students.