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 Because of its location in the political capital of the world, Washington DC, Georgetown stands out... 

Why did you choose the McCourt School?

I had two requirements in a master’s degree program: university prestige and real policy experience, and the McCourt School was the perfect choice. Because of its location in the political capital of the world, Washington DC, Georgetown stands out as one of the most renowned American universities with an internationally recognized public policy graduate program.

How has your experience at McCourt been so far?

The experience has been amazing. Georgetown provides a multicultural environment and has given me the opportunity to fulfill my learning objectives, engaging about issues like innovation in creating new public policies, and the impact that those policies have on a country’s economy. Moreover, it also enables students to learn from a diverse group of colleagues, faculty, and classmates about different countries, culture, and history.

Have you taken advantage of the McCourt School’s DC location? If so, how?

You have to learn real life by experiencing it. Washington DC is the political capital of the US where the Congress, major federal government agencies, and international institutions like The World Bank, IMF, and all types of political players are located, so we have the privilege of learning from their experiences.

What do you hope to do with your McCourt School degree?

After being trained in public management, I am planning to apply the knowledge I’ve gained to my work as a policy officer in my country by developing and implementing new policies aimed at benefiting Spanish companies and the economy.

What would you say about the McCourt School to a prospective student?

I would encourage prospective students to come and have this experience. I would tell them that it is totally worthwhile, and that the network and knowledge that you gain here will be helpful in your careers.