Portrait of Adam Bouyamourn

Adam Bouyamourn 

A citizen of the United Kingdom, Adam Bouyamourn was working as an economic reporter in Abu Dhabi since 2013, writing for various outlets including Bloomberg Businessweek Middle East and the Economist Intelligence Unit. He received a bachelor of Arts from the University of Oxford in philosophy, politics, and economics, and an M.Sc. in European politics and policy from the University of London. He has had the opportunity to interview the likes of Atari founder Nolan Bushnell and Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. Following graduation from the McCourt School, he plans to continue with his journalistic career and would like to work in political consultancy.

Portrait of Anupama Dathan

Anupama Dathan  

Global health-related efforts have been integral to Anupama Dathan's work. One project was a global effort to convince major donors to commit $12 billion over a 3-year period to fight AIDS, TB, and malaria; another analyzed financing for maternal and child nutrition in India and Bangladesh. Both helped "orient my career in order to make the most impact on global health and international economic development", she says. Dathan received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Duke University in public policy. She wants to work for an NGO or multilateral focused on program evaluation to inform global health policy.

Portrait of Anna Konstantinova

Anna Konstantinova  

It took spending 18 months at a clinic in Kenya to make Anna Konstantinova realize there were no simple answer to health care problems. She is passionate about a career in global health and would like to work on distribution and access to health care resources in the developing world. Konstantinova graduated from Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering with a concentration in bioengineering. She wants to learn both theory and practice related to international development while at Georgetown so that she can do her work effectively. She sees herself developing solutions that are capable of being practically implemented.

Portrait of Collin Meisel

Collin Meisel  

Eight years ago, Collin Meisel wanted to travel the world, be a part of something big, and he needed to pay for school. He joined the U.S. Air Force and was able to do three. Meisen has an associate's degree in applied science in criminal justice from the Community College of the Air Force and a Bachelor of Arts in political science from American Military University. While Meisel was ready to transition his career from the U.S. Air Force, he believes that Georgetown's commitment to service is a perfect match. After graduation, he hopes to conduct policy analysis on national security issues for a think tank or the federal government.

Portrait of Breah Mortenson

Breah Mortenson  

A graduate of Harvard Law School, Breah Mortenson wanted to understand existing law and legal systems in order to prepare herself to achieve her goal-to affect positive change in this country and the world, especially through economic policy and protection of civil and social rights. Originally from Wisconsin, Mortenson received her Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin and studied global governance and diplomacy at Oxford. She is looking forward to a degree in McCourt in order to develop her research and statistical quantitative skills. Prior to McCourt, Mortenson served as chief legal counsel for MSK Advertising in Wisconsin.

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