Galia Rabchinsky photo


 McCourt has provided me with the quantitative and soft skills to be a professional in the development field. 

Why did you choose the McCourt School?

When starting to look for a Graduate School where to study development policy, McCourt stood out because of its personalized attention to prospective students and their evidence-based policies approach. After being admitted it was easy to choose since McCourt has a combination of prestige, great faculty, a great program and a great location.

How has your experience at the McCourt School been so far?

Amazing. The experience at McCourt has been amazing, better than anything I expected. I’ve met a lot of interesting people, including fellow students, teachers, faculty and professionals that often come to conferences organized at Georgetown. McCourt gave me the opportunity to do my Summer Experience abroad and I got to live 3 months in Kampala, Uganda, which was a very good experience, since it gave me the opportunity to apply my acquired knowledge to a real life setting.

Have you taken advantage of the McCourt School's DC location? If so, how?

The location is definitely an advantage of studying at McCourt. Washington has so much to offer for students in the public policy world. Living in DC allows you to go to conferences and treks to various Multilateral Banks, Think Tanks and Government Institutions and get to know professionals who work there. Personally, I started working, while still in school, in a government consultancy firm which I couldn’t have done studying somewhere else, since most of the policy related jobs are located in Washington DC.

What do you hope to do with your McCourt School degree?

McCourt has provided me with the quantitative and soft skills to be a professional in the development field. After my degree I will go back to Mexico and aspire to go into the program evaluation field and evaluate different social programs in order to have programs that are aligned with the country’s development goals, are effective and well targeted.

What would you say about the McCourt School to a prospective student?

I would tell them that the personalized attention you receive from all the staff at McCourt I think is unmatched; they are always there to help. The school offers a skill-based program that prepares future policy leaders in a rigorous way in order to generate evidence-based policies that is the future of policymaking. Living in the hilltop for a couple of years is an experience you won’t regret.