New faculty

The McCourt School is thrilled to welcome four new full-time faculty members this fall: Sheila Foster, Eva Rosen, Laila Wahedi, and Wesley Joe.

  • Sheila Foster comes to the McCourt School from Fordham University School of Law and is jointly appointed with the Georgetown Law Center. She has conducted groundbreaking research at the intersection of environmental law and civil rights. Professor Foster is the author of numerous books, book chapters, and law journal articles on property, land use, environmental law, and antidiscrimination law.
  • Eva Rosen arrives at the McCourt School from a postdoctoral position at Johns Hopkins University, and holds a joint Ph.D. in sociology and public policy from Harvard University where she studied poverty and public housing. Her research interests include urban sociology, poverty and inequality, race and ethnicity, ethnography, social policy, immigration, crime, and culture

Together, Sheila and Eva will help lay the foundation for an urban policy practice at McCourt, a key initiative within our strategic plan. They will offer new courses and learning experiences on gentrification, poverty, climate change and more.

  • Laila Wahedi will serve as the next Fellow at our Massive Data Institute. This past spring she received her Ph.D. from Georgetown in International Relations. Her research interests vary across the field of security studies and international relations, but focus on understanding networks of militant organizations: why groups align, and the impact and patterns of their alignment.
  • Wesley Joe joins the McCourt School as Assistant Teaching Professor. He is especially active in the innovation and testing of methods of reducing barriers to voting. For several years, Wesley was the Director of Research at the Campaign Finance Institute (CFI), a nonpartisan, nonprofit research group that was affiliated with the George Washington University.