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Title: McCourt School professor named Schmidt Futures Innovation Fellow

Day Manoli headshot
Dr. Day Manoli

The Innovation Fellows Program supports mid-career individuals and teams with ideas to leverage technology thoughtfully to solve important societal challenges. The Program aims to serve as a force multiplier for Fellows’ ideas and to bring them together into a community to support one another and mentor others. 

Dr. Manoli’s research project, “StaQS for Tax: Foundations for a Statistical Query Service for Administrative Tax Data,” will receive support through Yale University’s Tobin Center for Economic Policy over the next two years. The project will focus on developing and testing outreach strategies to improve federal tax administration and provide insights for federal, state and local government agencies involved in providing public services.

“I am very honored to be named a Schmidt Futures Innovation Fellow,” said Dr. Manoli. “This recognition and the generous support are extremely valuable for my research to advance tax administration and public policy more broadly.”

As an Innovation Fellow, Dr. Manoli and his team will develop a privacy-protected statistical data query service that would ultimately provide a way to match external data and federal tax data in a secure environment. “These data security features are critical for protecting individuals’ information, and the aggregated statistics are essential for public policy insights,” said Dr. Manoli. 

He also seeks to help individuals file tax returns and collect federal tax benefits like the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit, as well as support the IRS in improving federal tax administration, and state and local governments in better supporting federal tax compliance as part of modernizing social safety net systems.