The McCourt School of Public Policy, the Latin American Policy Association, and the Georgetown University Center for Latin American Studies were proud to host La Fundación Red de Acción Política (RAP) for their 2015 symposium “International Introduction of Argentina: Challenges and Opportunities.” The delegation featured a group of 30 politicians and 20 senior business leaders from Argentina.  

During the week of March 16, 2015, the delegation convened expert panels on a variety of topics related to global governance and the development of Argentina.

Members of the delegation met with McCourt School students and discussed their views on domestic Argentinian and global politics, future policy challenges faced by Argentina, and why the members of the delegation dedicated their careers to public service.

The symposium is a part of a long-term project by RAP to create increased dialogue on the issues of education, institutional infrastructure, sustainable development, social inclusion, foreign policy, and federalism. The goal of the series is to identify and build guidelines for public policy priorities that will help promote Argentinian development.