Nielsen Forum Aims to Translate Performance Measurement Theory Into Practice

Public and nonprofit leaders convened at the McCourt School for the 2017 Waldemar A. Nielsen Issue Forum to share with students and other practitioners their ideas on performance measurement and how it can be translated from theory to practice.

The forum was hosted by the Center for Public & Nonprofit Leadership (CPNL) at McCourt, and organized by Visiting Professor Elizabeth Boris, who last year was named McCourt’s Nielsen Chair in Philanthropy, and McCourt alum Beatrice Leydier, who is a Nielsen Fellow.

The event featured a presentation from Dan Cardinali, President and CEO of Independent Sector, and a panel discussion led by Professor Boris with Carol T. Cole, President and CEO of Venture Philanthropy Partners; Eshauna Smith, CEO of Urban Alliance; and Mary K. Winkler, Senior Research Associate and Leap Ambassador of Urban Institute.

Following the speaking engagements, attendees broke for interactive roundtable discussions on their choice of ten different topics, including capacity building, external evaluation, foundations and other funders, impact investing, and more.

CPNL is an education, research and training center dedicated to developing students into leaders in the public, nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. CPNL engages students in rigorous study, to undertake challenging research, and to experience the real-life application of skills that are required of cross-sector leaders.

Watch the panel discussion.