GU Politics: Former Heads of State event


On March 3rd, the McCourt School of Public Policy, the Institute of Politics and Public Service, and School of Foreign Service were honored to welcome three former Heads of State to Georgetown: current GU Politics Fellow and former President of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla, former President of Slovenia Danilo Türk, and former Prime Minister of Tunisia Mehdi Jomaa.

The event, “The Challenges of Governance,” was moderated by Clem McCartney, who serves as the Shared Societies Project Policy and Content Coordinator at the Club of Madrid. 

The leaders provided their unique perspectives on similar challenges they faced while in office. They touched on how they dealt with terrorism and how they are focused on continuing to serve their countries while no longer in leadership.

Thank you to President Chinchilla, President Türk, and Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa for joining us.