Public Policy OUT, the McCourt School's LGBT policy issues group, hosted its most successful networking dinner ever, with more than 60 students and alumni in attendance. The annual networking dinner brings together students and alumni with a notable guest speaker to discuss various topics of interest to the LGBT and ally community.

The guest speaker at this year’s networking dinner was Dr. Wesley Reisser, a Foreign Affairs Officer in the Office of Human Rights & Humanitarian Affairs at the US Department of State. A member of the Interagency Policy Committee on LGBT Rights, Dr. Reisser has been at the center of LGBT advocacy in the diplomatic community.

During the dinner, Dr. Reisser discussed the future of sexual minority rights, now that full marriage equality is likely on the horizon. He also touched on current diplomatic efforts in human rights advocacy and where upcoming challenges lie, in places like Russia, Ukraine, and the Middle East.

Public Policy OUT’s mission is to provide a public forum within the student body for discussion of LGBT issues and to foster a more inclusive environment.

“Our annual networking dinner gives students a realistic picture of both the successes of LGBT alums in diverse sectors as well as the unique challenges they face,” said Ben Tingle, Public Policy OUT member and organizer of the event. “The event provides a great opportunity for alumni to reconnect with the Georgetown community each year, and we look forward to this unique event for McCourt and other graduate students each year.”

The event was co-sponsored by Georgetown University's LGBTQ Resource Center, the School of Foreign Service, the Georgetown Public Policy Student Association, GradPride, the Office of Alumni and Career Services, and the Graduate Student Organization.