• Former Auto Advisor: ‘Obama’s Decision To Support Auto Industry Saved Our Jobs’

    Independent economists estimated that more than a million jobs would have been lost in our economy had GM and Chrysler failed. So keeping the auto industry not only around, but strong, was vital not only to people who held a United Auto Workers union card, but also to the greater community.

  • Elitism, Equality and MOOCs

    From a global perspective, the most distinctive characteristic of American higher education is its heterogeneity. While higher education in almost every other country is public and fairly homogeneous across institutions, private institutions are much more widely represented in the U.S., and among public colleges and universities, a high degree of heterogeneity has been tolerated.

  • Study: Health-Care Act Will Force Insurance on 7.3 Million

    Now that the Supreme Court has upheld the government's right to require virtually all Americans to have health insurance or face a fine, what might it cost you to forgo coverage when health care reform's so-called individual mandate kicks in Jan. 1, 2014?

  • In defense of Juan Williams (and Chris Matthews)

    The Romney folks will work the refs right through the end of this campaign. Today, their target is Juan Williams of Fox News.

  • The GOP's tough-love approach, heavy on the tough

    Something odd is happening in Mitt Romney’s Republican Party. The GOP is marketing the concept that a great many Americans need to suffer before they can prosper.

  • Rick Santorum says stay in school, work hard, wait to have kids, and you’ll avoid poverty. It’s not that simple.

    There are many factors outside a given person, from the job market to the size of wages to the quality of K-12 education that determine whether one can follow the three simple rules of graduating high school, getting a job and waiting to have kids.

  • The Transfer Student: The New Hot Commodity

    Transfers provide an attractive option for upper level colleges and universities seeking to complete a class. A few of the more thoughtful institutions are beginning to discover that transfer students can not only supplement and complete a class but also that they can be a fundamental building block in the design of a class.

  • The Isaac Effect, the GOP and Obama's challenge

    Isaac, its impact and the administration’s handling of the storm’s effects all seem likely to loom larger this week than Mitt Romney’s big moment.

  • Can Romney show he's more than a politician?

    Mitt Romney reached the summit not by battling the GOP’s staunchest conservatives but by accommodating them. Nothing better captures the absolute victory of the forces of Goldwaterism than a Romney triumph on the basis of Goldwater’s ideas.

  • Federal debt nears $16 trillion, with no easy way to pay it down

    In the time it takes you to read this story, the U.S. debt will have grown by about $4.4. million.