• In vice presidential debate, Biden puts Ryan on the defensive

    What a difference a week makes. In the first presidential debate, President Obama let Mitt Romney’s attacks on him stand, and seemed disengaged. Vice President Joe Biden stayed in Rep. Paul Ryan’s face for the entirety of Thursday’s vice presidential debate.

  • DREAMing of Economic Growth

    During an election year dominated by concerns about our economy, policymakers and voters easily draw connections between domestic issues, such as education, Medicare, or tax policies, and the health of our economy. But so far public discourse hasn’t connected the dots between immigration policies and the economy.

  • Clyburn on Biden: "Hoping he'll just be Joe"

    The Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne, Dana Milbank and Rep. James Clyburn share a viewer’s guide to Thursday’s VP debate and give advice to the candidates.

  • Sherrod Brown's lessons for Obama

    If anyone can testify to the problem of giving really rich people a chance to tilt the political playing field, it’s Sen. Sherrod Brown.

  • Why political moods matter

    Politics watchers are understandably fixated on the polls after the first presidential debate and the difficulty of measuring the size of Mitt Romney’s bounce. Romney clearly made gains, but the polls disagree on how big it was, and on whether the bounce has ended.

  • Alice Rivlin on the Steps to Addressing the Fiscal Cliff

    Former Debt Commission Member Alice Rivlin on what is needed to avoid the fiscal cliff.

  • The campaign's moral hole

    Does our presidential campaign lack a moral core? The question arises in the wake of last week’s presidential debate. However you analyze it in electoral terms, the exchange between President Obama and Mitt Romney was most striking as a festival of technocratic mush — dueling studies mashed in with competing statistics.

  • September Jobs Reports: Unemployment Falls to 7.8 Percent

    Harry Holzer, public policy professor at Georgetown University, said Friday's report had "some bright spots" after months of stagnant or deteriorating unemployment numbers.

  • Obama's electoral college edge

    If we elected the president by popular vote, we would have heard some different spin going into the debates. With the presidential election looking closer in the national polls than it does in the swing states, the pressure on Mitt Romney from his party and the pundits alike would have been rather less demanding.

  • Health care's direction in doubt as election nears

    What happens when a politician, a professor, a judge and a historian appear together on the same stage? It’s hard to say. And that pretty much sums up Tuesday's discussion under the banner “Election 2012 and the Future of Health Care.”