• D.C. health exchange names Mila Kofman as new chief

    The D.C. Health Benefit Exchange has appointed a Georgetown professor and Maine's former top insurance regulator to become its executive director, the board announced Wednesday.

  • An insurer decides it overpaid for a surgery, bills the patient for more than $9,000

    It’s been more than three years since Lisa Dowden had gastric bypass surgery. As the operation has receded into her medical history, however, her insurer has renewed its interest.

  • Taking Alice Rivlin's advice, White House falls silent

    Last Monday, Rivlin — a former budget director — said passing up the TV interviews was key to leaders getting a fiscal cliff deal. "They need to get off the Sunday shows," she declared at a briefing for reporters. Former Sens. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) and Alan Simpson (R-Wyo.) offered similar advice.

  • Get Rid of the Debt Ceiling: Alice Rivlin

    "Get rid of the debt ceiling," she says. "It's a totally artificial thing. When you vote for spending and you vote for revenues there's an implicit debt number there, but it shouldn't be used as a hammer over the head of the president or anybody else…..the debt ceiling has nothing to do with the rising debt."

  • Higher Levels of Education Now Required for Many Jobs

    Further proving the importance of continuing one's education beyond high school are the findings of a 2010 report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, which revealed that by 2018, 23% of the workforce will be required to hold a bachelor's degree.

  • Ph.D.'s From Top Political-Science Programs Dominate Hiring, Research Finds

    For Ph.D. students in political science who have complained that graduates of top-ranked programs get all the job offers, new research on hiring practices in the field won't make them feel any better.

  • Fiscal SWAT Team to the Rescue with New Debt Plan

    Former Republican Senate Budget Committee Chairman Pete V. Domenici and former Clinton administration Budget Director Alice Rivlin, co-chairs of a Bipartisan Policy Center debt reduction task force, issued a 2.0 version of their plan that attempts to thread the needle between what they say is the short-term need for more economic stimulus and concern for slowing the growth of the $16.2 trillion national debt.

  • Which Degrees Offer the Best Return on Investment?

    With the average cost of a bachelor's degree now running about $68,500 at State U. and $154,300 at a private college, one might well wonder if the investment is worthwhile. In short, it is. But the return very much depends on your major.

  • Why sane bargaining looks strange

    An entirely new political narrative is taking shape before our eyes, yet many in Washington are still stuck in the old one.

  • More Detours Needed on Path to College

    Rather than view additional pathways to their institutions as new competitors, colleges should see them as ways to improve their own completion rates, expand educational opportunities to more students and provide the American economy with the skilled work force of tomorrow.