• Abuse Victim Opens Inaugural GPPI Conference

    Actress Sonja Sohn of HBO’s “The Wire” shared stories of the abuse she faced as the daughter of an abusive, schizophrenic Vietnam War veteran to a crowd of juvenile justice experts last Thursday morning. Her lecture was the opening keynote address for the Georgetown Public Policy Institute’s first-ever Leadership Evidence Analysis Debate Conference last Thursday and Friday, which focused on the discussion of at-risk youth.

  • Former Latina Chief Economist advocates for immigration reform, family-friendly policies

    There are not too many Latina economists — at least not yet. Yet Adriana Kugler, who recently finished her tenure (it’s usually a one-year position) as the first Latina Chief Economist at the Labor Department, describes it as an extremely rewarding profession.

  • Georgetown's LEAD Conference focuses on Juvenile Justice Reform

    A conference this week at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. focused on the work of the school’s Center for Juvenile Justice Reform (CJJR). The Leadership, Evidence, Analysis, Debate or LEAD Conference, put on by the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, brought together representatives of various stakeholder groups, including activists, judges, experts, students and researchers.

  • Jobs recovery favors highly educated workers

    The recovery is favoring the college educated, but leaving behind those with a high school diploma or less. "In the recession and recovery, those with the most education are hurt the least and recover the fastest," said Anthony Carnavale, director of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.

  • Obama follows in Reagan's footsteps

    To understand how Barack Obama sees himself and his presidency, don’t look to Franklin Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln. Obama’s role model is Ronald Reagan — just as Obama told us before he was first elected.

  • Health and Human Services Dept.: It's not an 'exchange,' it's a 'marketplace'

    Reacting to negative views and grassroots opposition to Obamacare — or the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — the Health and Human Services Department has dropped all references to “exchanges” in favor of something that rings more of capitalism.

  • Obama's Deficit Demons Can Be Vanquished In Second Term Thanks To Political, Economic Momentum

    Facing no reelection, and with the debt stabilized, Obama could wind up with the clout to start dealing with that root problem of health care costs, not to mention other priorities such as education and immigration.

  • The liberation of Barack Obama

    Barack Hussein Obama can begin his second term liberated by the confidence that he is already a landmark figure in American history. His task is not to manufacture a legacy but to leave his successors a nation that is more tranquil because it finally resolved arguments that roiled it for decades.

  • America is not in decline or retreat

    The declinists are wrong because they underestimate the resilience of the American economy, the magnetism of our culture, the continuing appeal of the democratic idea and the difficulties our competitors, particularly China, confront.

  • How Fix the Debt is coping with its ‘fiscal cliff’ setback

    The “fiscal cliff” deal was a thumb in the eye of deficit hawks everywhere. But it may have particularly stung for the campaign that had convinced CEOs to pony up more than $43 million to achieve a grand bargain to reduce the deficit, most immediately by using the fiscal cliff deadline as a springboard for action.