• Paul Ryan budget: Repeal Obamacare, slash spending

    Georgetown University economist and former Labor Department Chief Economist Adriana Kugler criticized the proposal. ”How can people move up the ladder if you are moving people into a more precarious situation?” says Kugler. She points to Ryan’s proposed reduction in spending on Pell Grants, which are given to students whose families fall between 130 and 185 percent of the poverty line. “The Ryan proposal is to keep Pell Grants at the same level for the next 10 years, but tuition costs for colleges continue to go up, so this is being passed on to families,” says Kugler.

  • Balanced Budget Dispute is Fiscal and Philosophical

    What is so special about a balanced budget?

  • Tulsa's preschool programs seen as national model

    From the Wall Street Journal to comedian Jon Stewart's ''Daily Show,'' national attention is on early childhood education, and Tulsa is ground zero.

  • Is Congress seeing a break in the partisan ice?

    It is common in politics to assume that whatever has been happening will keep happening. But a series of events last week suggested that human beings — even those of a highly partisan and ideological sort — bridle at being confined in intellectual straitjackets.

  • Payments to elders are harming our future

    Foolish, indiscriminate and badly timed cuts in the federal budget have begun. The primary reason is that Republicans have refused to budge any further on taxes. Still, Democrats must share some of the blame. By failing to propose more specific cuts to entitlement spending, they have forfeited the high ground and allowed a small but critical set of programs to absorb all of the pain.

  • Doctor-Owned Imaging Center Raises Eyebrows

    At least 25 states, including California, Texas and Florida, ban self-referral to diagnostic imaging centers even if the patients aren't covered by government insurance programs, said Jean Mitchell, a professor of public policy at Georgetown University who has studied physician-owned imaging centers.

  • A way out of our budget wars

    There are, believe it or not, grounds for hoping that the so-called sequester, stupid as it is, might open the way to ending our nation’s budget stalemate.

  • Cardinals await for word on the start of the Cardinal conclave (video)

    Washington Post Columnist E.J. Dionne discusses the politics of Cardinal conclave.

  • In church and country, a crisis of governance

    What do the Roman Catholic Church and the American political system have in common? Both are divided into factions that neither trust nor understand each other, and both confront a crisis of governance.

  • Alice Rivlin on Ending the Sequester (video)

    As the sequester begins, Bipartisan Policy Center’s Task Force on Debt Reduction co-chair Alice Rivlin joined The News Hub to discuss what Washington needs to do to stop lurching from crisis to crisis.