• Fighting big money with big money

    Until Citizens United is overturned, as it should be, the best way out of our dilemma is to democratize the money game.

  • Julián Castro, San Antonio's 'relay' star

    Julián Castro is a politician in not too much of a hurry. This does not mean he lacks ambition.

  • Obama hopes Israel trip amounts to a fresh start

    The administration has set expectations for President Obama’s trip to Israel so low you’d think he was making another visit to Ohio. Yet this is a very consequential journey because it comes at a moment when hopes for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are fading away.

  • The Great Aid Gap

    Anthony P. Carnevale, the director of Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce and the chief author of its study on certificates, questioned whether it was the best use of federal money to give Pell grants to students at four-year colleges who pursue majors in fields like philosophy, with little economic payoff in employment and earnings. Why not, he asked, provide aid to students who take noncredit certificate courses that often translate quickly into jobs and higher pay?

  • Conservatives' contradictions on American power

    Rand Paul is very clear on the country he seeks. Conservatives who reject his approach to foreign policy need to consider where the strong America they honor came from in the first place.

  • Cross-agency priority success requires collaboration

    With the release of the FY 2013 budget, the administration has announced 15 cross-agency priority goals. Implementation of these presidential priority areas will require active collaboration between multiple departments and agencies because they address long-standing challenges for which no one agency has sole responsibility.

  • D.C. health insurance board moves to phase in exchange mandate

    “I firmly believe one big marketplace will result in competition we don’t currently have, and it will also help with premium rates significantly over time,” said the board’s executive director, Mila Kofman, a Georgetown University professor and former Maine insurance superintendent.

  • Francis, a pope of the poor

    For many Catholics, a great deal of hope rests on the new pontiff’s choice of the name Francis, the saint who disdained formal authority, devoted himself to a simple life, cared passionately about the marginalized and saw actions as counting far more than proclamations.

  • Paul Ryan's cruelly radical vision

    Paul Ryan’s budget could prove to be a perversely useful document.

  • Paul Ryan budget: Repeal Obamacare, slash spending

    Georgetown University economist and former Labor Department Chief Economist Adriana Kugler criticized the proposal. ”How can people move up the ladder if you are moving people into a more precarious situation?” says Kugler. She points to Ryan’s proposed reduction in spending on Pell Grants, which are given to students whose families fall between 130 and 185 percent of the poverty line. “The Ryan proposal is to keep Pell Grants at the same level for the next 10 years, but tuition costs for colleges continue to go up, so this is being passed on to families,” says Kugler.