• Scams, Fraud Among Obamacare Concerns

    “This is already starting and it’s only going to accelerate,” says Sabrina Corlette, a research professor at Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute. In addition to illegal schemes to defraud consumers, “There are companies and [insurance] brokers that might take advantage of consumer confusion and some of the misinformation out there about new coverage options under the Affordable Care Act,” she says.

  • Religion challenges left and right

    Whenever I write sympathetically about religion, I get bombarded by tweets and notes from readers who normally agree with me but cannot abide by the idea that religious belief should be seen as intellectually serious.

  • Amazon Brings Education to Its Expanding Workforce

    A recent report by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce reveals that 65% of new jobs created between now and 2020 will require some type of postsecondary education. The total number of such jobs is expected to reach about 24 million, 5 million of which will require a certificate and 7 million an associate's degree.

  • Minorities and whites follow unequal college paths, report says

    The nation’s system of higher education is growing more racially polarized even as it attracts more minorities: White students increasingly are clustering at selective institutions, while blacks and Hispanics mostly are attending open-access and community colleges, according to a new report.

  • Arts majors jump ahead of tech grads in landing jobs

    The unemployment rate for recent grads with a degree in information systems is more than double that of drama and theater majors, at 14.7% vs. 6.4%, according to a recent Georgetown University study. Even for computer science majors, the jobless rate for recent grads nears 9%.

  • Research Supports Work of Community Colleges

    Community college presidents around the country are following Dr. Carnevale's research closely in order to be better prepared to serve the future workforce. He estimates that the United States will fall short by 5 million workers with post-secondary education -- at the current production rate -- by 2020.

  • Holder fights to protect voting rights in Texas, North Carolina

    Throughout the world, our country proclaims its commitment to equal rights and broad democratic participation. We seem to be abandoning those ideals at home. You have to wonder what this will do to our witness on behalf of democracy.

  • After Trayvon, leading with love

    The dignity and grace of Trayvon Martin’s family should inspire us all to keep our eyes on the future. We should not blind ourselves either to the persistence of racism or to our triumphs in pushing it back.

  • Obama started a needed conversation

    Not everything needs to be a fight. We ought to be able to have nonpoliticized conversations about issues that are this important. Sometimes, rather than throw a punch, it might be more productive to just join the conversation. Friday was one of those days.

  • DC Insurance exchange spending heavily on contractors

    Obamacare is working already, at least for professional consultants helping develop and promote the D.C. Health Link.