• The Washington Post
    The Women’s March was a stand against complacency

    Some descended on Washington’s Mall very early, and some joined later. Some stood in long lines outside Metro stations to get downtown. Others walked a long way. The signs were almost all homemade. Many were clever, channeling humor and whimsy (“There will be hell toupee,” “Things are so bad even introverts have to protest”), as well as anger, determination and commitment.

  • The Huffington Post
    Donald Trump’s Journey From Degenerate ‘Con Man’ To President

    Donald Trump has been called a con man and a huckster. An unstable pathological liar. A degenerate. And that’s just by other Republicans. At noon Friday, they and every other American will call him Mr. President. “God has a sense of humor,” said John Weaver, who ran Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s campaign during the GOP primaries.

  • Pittsburgh Gazette
    E.J. Dionne Jr.: Inauguration consternation

    Why is this inauguration different from any other? Let’s start with the fact that most Americans are not happy that Donald Trump is about to become president. The Washington Post/​ABC News poll this week found that Mr. Trump enters the Oval Office with the lowest favorable ratings since the question has been asked. Only 40 percent view Mr. Trump favorably. That compares with 62 percent for George W. Bush as he entered office in 2001 and 79 percent for Barack Obama in 2009.

  • The Baltimore Sun
    Evergreen Health finalizes deal with investors, severs ties with federal co-op program

    Evergreen Health, an innovative Baltimore-based health insurer, took a big step toward assuring its future by finalizing a deal to repay part of a federal startup loan and sever ties with the Affordable Care Act program under which it was founded.

  • The Washington Post
    Will the GOP be the pro-Putin party?

    Beneath the surface of the controversy over Russia’s efforts to help Donald Trump become president is a dramatic reconfiguration of opinion on foreign policy.

  • Christian Science Monitor logo
    How does the well-being in your state stack up?

    Residents of Hawaii have something to celebrate Thursday after the United Health Foundation’s 2016 Annual Report revealed the state to be the healthiest in the country for the fifth year in a row. The Annual Report’s findings are based on data provided by the Census Bureau, the American Medical Association, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, among others, and measure a slate of factors, from obesity to childhood poverty rates to vegetable consumption.

  • The Washington Post
    The electoral college should think hard before handing Trump the presidency

    In making what is likely to be the most consequential decision of this transition period, Donald Trump couldn’t resist petty vindictiveness. Mitt Romney was briefly touted as the front-runner to become secretary of state. After meeting with Trump over a meal, he pronounced himself “very impressed” by the man he had described as “a phony, a fraud” during the campaign.

  • The Huffington Post
    Thanks To Trump, Hillary Clinton Can Be A Nerd And Still Win

    If Donald Trump fails on Tuesday to Make America Great Again, he can at least take solace in having Made It Cool To Be A Nerd Again. Not in half a century has a presidential nominee made knowledge of policy details such an integral part of the sales pitch as Hillary Clinton has ― and all thanks to a Republican nominee so uninterested in the world and the mechanics of governance that most voters question his basic competence.

  • The Washington Post
    Defeating both Trump and Trumpism

    Although Donald Trump’s defeat is a prerequisite to national recovery, the profound damage he has done to our nation will not be wiped away if he loses. And even if she wins, Hillary Clinton will still be feeling the effects of the multiyear campaign waged by Republicans in Congress to destroy her. The evidence suggests that her GOP foes will try to end her presidency prematurely by colluding with an implacably hostile conservative media and, it now seems, right-wing agents inside the FBI.

  • Alice Rivlin- Roll Call
    Election Impact: Rivlin Says Investment Needed to Boost Economy

    Hillary Clinton's email scandal and Donald Trump's unconventional presidential campaign has largely drowned out nuanced policy discussion about economic issues. Roll Call spoke with Alice Rivlin, the onetime director of the Congressional Budget Office, and the Office of Management and Budget under President Bill Clinton, about the need for both sides to compromise on debt and entitlements. Rivlin is a panelist at Roll Call’s Election Impact Conference on Nov. 10. - See more at: http://www.rollcall.com/news/politics/election-impact-alice-rivlin-says-investment-needed-boost-economy#sthash.OVXMLcV7.dpuf