• Who cares about the value of work

    Finding a way out of our current political impasse requires some agreement on what problems we need to solve. If anything should unite left, center and right, it is the value of work and the idea, in Bill Clinton’s signature phrase, that those who “work hard and play by the rules” ought to be rewarded for their efforts.

  • Why millennials have a tough time landing jobs

    Recent college graduates are facing less unemployment than those without college degrees, but a study by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce found they are still contending with a nearly 8 percent jobless rate.

  • Week In Politics: Obama In Brussels And A Bridge Scandal Report (audio)

    Regular political commentators, E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and David Brooks of The New York Times, discuss President Obama's speech in Brussels and his meeting with Pope Francis.

  • Immigration, Military Cuts and “Boyish” Girl: Roming the US with Mark Rom

    According to Rom, "this is one of those winning by losing positions. So here's the deal- the Democrats believe the majority of the population of the country supports immigration reform. President Obama supports immigration reform. The Senate has passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill, so they're using this discharge petition not because they believe that it'll work, but to bring public pressure against the Republicans to say the public wants immigration reform, but it's those pesky Republicans in the House that are preventing the will of the people from being done."

  • New legislation could bring universal preschool to California
  • Why You Should Embrace Your Tax Refund

    If you end up receiving a big refund from the Internal Revenue Service after filing your taxes, then you just gave the government an interest-free loan, which is exactly why most financial experts warn people away from withholding too much income throughout the year. But here's the good news about getting a refund: You get to spend it. Or save it. Or do whatever you want with it.

  • The pope's message to the president

    It would be good if Francis encouraged the parts of the U.S. Catholic leadership most alienated from the president to stop treating this former church employee as an enemy. But the pope’s main job is to pose a radical challenge to our complacency and social indifference. In doing so, he should stir an uneasiness that compels all of us — and that includes Obama — to examine our consciences.

  • Obamacare working, despite “difficulties” and “polarized politics”: Alice Rivlin (video)

    There has been great outcry over problems with the Healthcare.gov site. Alice Rivlin, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institute, says that's because Obamacare wasn’t given a fair chance.

  • Roaming the U.S. with Mark Rom

    A Federal judge rules in favor of voter ID laws, private business owners dispute birth control mandate in health insurance and Obama appeals to Iranians over their nuclear program.

  • Fed guidance to become more vague under Yellen: Alice Rivlin (video)

    Alice Rivlin, former Vice Chair of the Fed, joined The Daily Ticker at The Atlantic Economy Summit to discuss the potential change in forward guidance.