• cnn
    From taxes to a spy program, Republicans under pressure as year-end agenda looms

    It's the end of a year that has left Republicans with little to show for their sweeping control of the government -- and now, it's crunch time.

  • The Washington Post
    States prepare to shut down children’s health programs if Congress doesn’t act

    Officials in nearly a dozen states are preparing to notify families that a crucial health insurance program for low-income children is running out of money for the first time since its creation two decades ago, putting coverage for many at risk by the end of the year.

  • The Atlantic
    The Damage to Children's Health Insurance Is Already Being Done

    Right now, a draft of a letter informing thousands of Virginia parents that their kids might lose their health coverage just after the holidays is sitting on Linda Nablo’s desk. “People are going to panic,” Nablo, who is the chief deputy director of the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services, told me. “It’s going to cause mass confusion. It’s going to be an increase in the lack of trust in government, that government will do what it says it will do. People will lose their managed-care plans. They’ll lose their provider. It’s going to cause chaos.”

  • CAP
    Linking Reproductive Health Care Access to Labor Market Opportunities for Women

    Economic opportunity is a central tenet of the American dream and a mainstay of American political discourse. But when embracing this core economic aspiration, the ways in which people’s complex lives affect their ability to fully engage in the economy are often overlooked

  • EPI
    Latina workers have to work 10 months into 2017 to be paid the same as white non-Hispanic men in 2016

    November 2nd is Latina Equal Pay Day, the day that marks how long into 2017 a Latina would have to work in order to be paid the same wages as her white male counterpart was paid last year. That’s just over 10 months longer, meaning that Latina workers had to work all of 2016 and then this far—to November 2nd!—into 2017 to get paid the same as white non-Hispanic men did in 2016.

  • NBC news
    Why Congress’s Plan to Slash 401(k) Limits Was Never a Good Idea

    Donald Trump appeared to save a popular tax break for retirement savings, after the news broke that Congressional Republicans were considering sharply limiting the amount of pre-tax contributions American workers could make to retirement accounts.

  • djc oregon
    Focus on Health Care: Rural hospitals find relief, but it may be only temporary

    Stalled efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act have given rural hospitals a reprieve, health care experts say, but those institutions continue to face financial and operating challenges that have pushed many to close in recent years.

  • The Washington Post
    What Trump did to Kelly shows how far we have fallen

    The United States is in the middle of a very unfortunate experiment in how disoriented a great nation can become before it loses its moorings entirely.

  • Washington Examiner
    House members spend '30-40 hours a week' fundraising

    Former Florida Reps. David Jolly and Patrick Murphy brought their campaign to reform Congress to Georgetown University with horror stories about fundraising.

  • The Washington Post
    The enablers of Trump’s dangerous presidency

    Permit me to confess: I am one of the very last people in the United States who does not consider the word “politician” to be an insult. On the contrary, the work politicians do is important because politics is a good and essential thing in a free society. It’s the degradation of politics in the Trump era we need to worry about, not politics itself.