2014 Awardees

"A Big Data Analysis Framework for Investigating the Adoption of Personalized Medicine within the US Healthcare System"

  • Subha Madhavan, PhD, Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics, GUMC

  • Kevin Lucia, JD, Center on Health Insurance Reforms

  • Alex Fu, PhD, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, GUMC

  • David Cusano, JD, Health Policy Institute

  • JoAnn Volk, MA, Center on Health Insurance Reforms

  • Matt Johnson, MS, Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics, GUMC

"Harnessing big data, mathematical models and visual analytics to gain insights into the spatial dynamics of influenza to better inform policy"

2015 Awardees

"Understanding the socio­-environmental drivers of disease transmission among bottlenose dolphins"

  • Shweta Bansal, PhD, Department of Biology

  • Eric Patterson, PhD, Department of Biology

  • Lisa Singh, PhD, Computer Science Department

  • Janet Mann, PhD, Vice Provost for Research; Department of Biology & Department of Psychology

"Harnessing big data to understand the causes and consequences of vaccine refusal for childhood infectious diseases"

"Linking the Consumer Credit Panel Survey to Medicare Claims"

  • Jean Mitchell, PhD, McCourt School of Public Policy

  • Carole Roan Gresenz, PhD, The RAND Corporation

  • Howard Federoff, PhD, Former Executive Dean and Professor of Neurology at GUMC and current Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs and Dean of Medicine at UC Irvine