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 One great thing to take advantage of in DC is the opportunity for jobs and internships in a variety of different types of organizations in the private and public sector. 

Why did you choose the McCourt School?

I chose the McCourt School for a few reasons. One was the opportunity to study in Washington, DC; at the center of policymaking and public service in the United States. Because I am in my late twenties and was changing my career path, I wanted to put myself in a situation of top-notch academics and also a great location for networking, learning, and job opportunities.

The academic excellence and reputation of Georgetown and McCourt were also important factors, for my decision to attend the McCourt School. Also, the academic curriculum, especially the quantitative focus of the MPP program, was very attractive for me to build my skills for my career.

I was lucky to have a few options to choose from when I selected a policy school, and there is no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice after being at McCourt for the last year.

How has your experience at the McCourt School been so far?

Enjoying. I have really enjoyed my time at McCourt. The academics are challenging but very rewarding, and I have been lucky to take classes from adjunct professors who are also practitioners in the policy areas that they teach. I have also really enjoyed the chance to take classes with like-minded public policy students, I have learned so much from my classmates and truly think that the people are an integral part of the program.

I have also enjoyed getting involved at McCourt with student organizations, conferences, and the administration to work together to make the program more responsive and better suited to its students. I have also found that the professors at McCourt are very helpful and available not only with course-related matters but also with career advice and suggestions.

Have you taken advantage of the McCourt School's DC location? If so, how?

One of the best parts of the McCourt School is the location in Washington, DC. I grew up and had spent all of my life living in the Pacific Northwest until moving to DC, so it has been really great to have this new experience in the DC area. One great thing to take advantage of in DC is the opportunity for jobs and internships in a variety of different types of organizations in the private and public sector. There is really no other place that has the diversity of opportunity in the public policy sector. In addition, I have really enjoyed the opportunity to visit all of the sights and attend conferences and panels that are very common.

What do you hope to do with your McCourt School degree?

I hope that my degree from the McCourt school gives me the opportunity to use the skills that I have built up in school and internships to work in data and analysis in the energy or tech sector. I think that quality data is at the root of evidence-based policymaking and I would like to see more quality data collected to better frame policy decisions.

What would you say about the McCourt School to a prospective student?

I would say that my experience has exceeded my expectations and I really believe that there is no better place to be studying public policy than here in DC. From my perspective as an individual who worked for a few years before coming back to school, the transition back to academics was a little rough, however things evened out pretty quickly and I have really enjoyed the program. I would also encourage anyone considering the McCourt school to reach out to current students and try to engage with the community.