Portrait of Jessica Li

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Areas of Interest: International Development


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Why have you chosen McCourt? I chose the MIDP program at McCourt because of the small class size and the dedication of the faculty to the success of the program.
What's the best part of your experience so far? I've really enjoyed learning topics in depth which I had only been briefly exposed to in my job prior to coming to McCourt.
Undergraduate Degree and University: I studied at Boston University, International Relations and Broadcast Journalism.
Hobbies / Interests: If you're coming to DC for the first time, make sure to get out of the Georgetown bubble - either live further out from campus (there are shuttles/buses that can get you to campus) or consciously try and expand your network beyond Georgetown students. You'll be grateful to meet and hang out with people who aren't stressed out about school and see more of what DC has to offer.